Tuesday, January 11, 2011

tales of a late girl

Everyday, i am late to work.

I know.

It's horrible!

Seriously, i am tired of it. My entire drive to work i am stressed out. Sometimes. Sometimes i'm not. I think it depends on how late i am running.

Today i got here at 8:25. EIGHT TWENTY-FIVE, people! I am supposed to be here at EIGHT O'CLOCK!

Yesterday, i got here at 8:20.

Usually, i get here between 8:10 & 8:20.


How have i not gotten in trouble? 

Well, my boss doesn't get here until 8:30. So she doesn't know.  However, i usually work late to make up for my tardiness that morning, and i know she is totally fine with that.

My boss' boss is the first office on the right when you come in, and she's always here when i arrive. She usually sees me come in. She has yet to say anything. She smiles & says hello. I thought maybe she didn't realize i should be here at 8. You see, we all have flex time at work, and it's impossible for her to remember right off the top of her head what time everyone comes in. I think she keeps up with those directly under her & then lets them keep up with the ones they supervise. But anyway, we can choose our hours out of the following: 7:30-4:00, 8:00-4:30, 8:30-5:00. I used to be 8:30-5:00, when i did theatre, because that made the most sense. I was exhausted from rehearsal & needed the extra sleep in the mornings, and i wasn't going to go home between work & rehearsal anyway, so working till 5 was fine. Then i moved my hours back to 8-4:30 & i'm so glad i did...if only i could ARRIVE ON TIME.

I am not one of those people that is late to everything. I have struggled with that at a time in my life, but not for many many years. If i am meeting you for something, don't worry that i will be late, because chances are, i won't. At the theatre, i am usually 15 minutes EARLY. I am never late to church, either. We were almost late this Sunday, because Brad got tied up in some music work...he admitted just this week that when we are running late, it is usually because of him!

So why am i late to work?

Because i cannot get moving that early in the morning.

I may be on time to theatre, but that's at night. And i may be on time to meet you for something, but that's at night, too (most likely). And i may be on time to church, but that isn't until 10:10, and i wake up naturally on my own, by 8 most weekend mornings. 8:30 at the latest. Plenty of time to get ready for church.

But work! UGH! Here is how it goes:

6:30 alarm goes off. i hit snooze.

6:40 the alarm goes off again. i hit snooze again.

6:50 the alarm goes off for the last time. i lay there & think long & hard about how i do NOT want to get up.

6:55 FINALLY roll out of bed. Shuffle to the kitchen. Kiss my husband. Put my cell phone & book from my nightstand on the kitchen table. Pet Fievel. Shuffle to the bathroom. Pee. While peeing, i'm thinking "i should really take a shower instead of a bath or i'm going to be really late...yes, i will take a shower..." Finish peeing, strip, get in the tub. THE BATHTUB. Sit down as if to take a bath. Not sure why i do not actually take the SHOWER. I think because the thought of standing up first thing in the morning sounds really bad (i told you i'm not a morning person at all!). (The reason i should take the shower is because i am in & out when i take a shower. About 5 minutes. My baths are ENTIRELY too long...in fact, i read a novel while the water is running. I know.)

7:15 Get out of the shower. I should be leaving the house at 7:30! At this point, i should be freaking out, but you see, there is no mama saying, "Melissa Perry! Get up RIGHT NOW & get ready for school work!" Haha. Man, i wasn't late growing up. Mama got me UP! She always said, "Stop Piddling!" Ha!

Sometimes i will tell brad, "i need you to yell at me to get up!" He's not very good at that. ;)

7:20 Get halfway dressed & shuffle to the bedroom in my underwear. Sit on the bed with my Bible & dry my hair while reading my daily Bible readings. It takes FOREVER to dry my hair. Whether i'm reading or not.

7:40 Finish drying my hair. Look at the clock. "CRAP!!!!!!!! I gotta GO!" (like it's such a shock?!) Run a hairbrush & flat iron through my hair. Throw clothes, jewelry & shoes on. Run to the kitchen, fix my coffee & grab a granola bar. Throw my lunch in a lunchbag. Tell Fievel bye. Get in the car.

7:50ish Leave the house. Should have left 20 minutes ago! Takes at least 20 minutes to get to work. Ack!!!

Stress out the entire way there. Call work to tell them i'm on my way. Put makeup on in the car (at red lights!). Drive like a maniac. Run to my desk. WHEW!!!!

Yeah, that's how it goes.

So, today, the whole way to work i was thinking, "What can i do that will FORCE ME to be on time to work?!" (By the way i used to NOT EVER be late to work... even when my hours were 7:30-4! I don't know what happened! When i lived 2 minutes from work, i struggled with being on time. When i got married & moved, i was on time EVERY DAY. I don't know what's happened!)

Anyway, i came to a solution. You may or may not know that at work we are doing a weigh-down challenge. We all put $10 in a pot & have to weigh-in each week & pay $1 everytime we gain. Whoever loses the highest percentage of weight by Easter will win all the money. Now, i know my being on time has nothing to do with my weightloss journey, but i came up with a plan.

I got to work & went to Dusty's office. She is this awesome coworker & her office is the first one on the left so she sees me when i first get here. I was like, "Dusty. You know i'm always late to work, right?" & she had no idea. She thought i was coming at my regular time. HA! I said, "Well, i'm late everyday & i hate it. It makes me nervous. I have a freakout my entire drive to work." She's like, "Well, why do you do that to yourself?!" I said, "I don't know, but i need an intervention."

So from now on, if i am even ONE MINUTE late, i have to put 50 cents into the pot. :)

No matter what!

I think i will be on time tomorrow. :)

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  1. Melisssaaaa! Don't you know!? Get the most annoying sounding alarm clock you can find and put it on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. That way you HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off.

    I DESPISE the person who invented the snoooooooze. Oh my gosh! I've thrown stuff at snoozers before when sharing rooms. JUST LET ME SLEEEEEP IN PEEEEAACCEEEEE!

    Sorry. PEEVE!


  2. Sounds like me with the snooze button...my husbands hates when I hit the snooze button a million times...lol

  3. Ha this is so funny! Is it weird that I don't have a problem getting up in the mornings? I hate it, and I don't fully wake up until half way through my shower, but I don't have issues with my alarm and not getting out of bed. Hope you can stick to it! You can do it!

  4. I was just getting on here to give the same advice Laura did. Many of my "late" friends did that in college and it seemed to help.

    I hate snooze too. I have never once used a snooze button. Why set it for that time if you aren't planning to get up then?

  5. I hope this works for you!!
    I have a hard time getting out of bed too.. But i am a morning person so its weird.
    I only work 2-5 minutes from my house so its not that big a deal if i am running late. I dont have to be there till 8:00 but i like to get there at 7:40 so when the doors of the bank open i have my reports done. But i so know hoe you feel. I hope your plan works!!
    I have found that setting my alarm 30 minutes early than i want to get up helps me get out of the bed when i really plan on it. Try setting your alarm early so that way when you hit the snooze button you still have 30 minutes... to drive to work!!

  6. We have the SAME issue!! Argh! I have to be at work at 8am and I Either show up at 730 because I'm so nervous I'm late or (more likely scenario) I stroll in at 815, 820... 830....

    In my pre martial counseling class, we talked about curfews for children. Our pastor said that the reason I'm late for work is because my mom never gave me a curfew! LOL I apparently never learned the importance of a minute.


  7. I tend to have a problem turning my alarm off completely and just falling back to sleep. So I put my alarm about 5 feet from the bed so that in order to get it to stop I have to get up. Works perfectly, because then once I'm standing up across the room, it's way harder to justify getting back in the bed!


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