Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I swear by!

Today, Girl Talk is having a blog hop. I LOVE this week's theme:

Things I Swear By.
"We want to know what really works for you. Is there a lotion, cleaning product, baby product, cooking tip, parenting trick...anything that just really works for you? We want to know about it!"

I love this topic. It's fun. And you can read what others swear by & try them out for yourself!

Here are the things I swear by. :)

It's all pretty random, i suppose. Cooking stuff, face stuff, and just miscellaneous stuff!

1. my sharpie pens
I know this is silly, but i am a pen person. I like pens that write well. These make me write so much neater than when i use any other pens. They bug some people because you have to hold them straight up & down, but that doesn't bother me & i LOVE writing with these. I am always needing more so if you feel like sending me a gift, these will do just fine. Ha!

2. my water bottle

Okay, this isn't my exact water bottle, but i spent WAY too long looking for a picture of it! I'm wondering if they discontinued mine? This one is really close. Mine is purple, double walled & looks just like this one does at the top (except in purple). I love that the straw part folds back in. You can hold it like normal or loop your finger thru the top if your arms are full. It doesn't sweat. I carry it EVERYWHERE. I love it. I got it at Walmart & i forget how much it was, but it was less than $10. Maybe $7? WORTH IT.

3. Dove's Deep Moisture facial lotion

I was on the search for awhile for something like this. I get dry hands in cold weather, but my face also gets really dry in spots. I found this facial moisturizer by Dove & i love it. It's wonderful.

4. Maybelline's Great Lash BIG mascara
Okay, i was on the search for a good mascara forEVER. I didn't want anything that cost too much. Just something i could grab at Wal-mart or Walgreens. I didn't try this one for awhile, because the most popular mascara is this same thing (without the word "big" on it). And that one never worked for me. I hate clumpy mascaras. I hate ones that don't wash easily at the end of the day. And i hate ones that smear when you cry or when your eyes water. i basically like a water-resistant one - it won't run when you cry, but it will come off easily when you wash your face at night (the "waterproof" ones do NOT come off easy at night!) Anyway, at some point i tried this one & it is perfect. I like.

5. Bonne Belle's vanilla frosting lip gloss
Silly, maybe. But delicious. My husband always comments if i kiss him when i have this stuff on! Ha! He loves it! It smells like frosting. (It doesn't taste though, a common misconception!) ;) It's clear but has some shine & it's just wonderful. I get it at Target. And i often sneak it into a gift for a friend. It's a fun addition.

But i also wear plain ol' regular chapstick, which i also swear by. Though i like the fun flavors. :)

6. My Cuisinart mini-prepper (i think that's what it's called!)

 I LOVE this thing. LOVE IT! Okay, as you probably know, i didn't get into cooking until i was engaged. I got this for a wedding gift, & i did register for it, but when i discovered i loved cooking, i also discovered i actually LIKE to chop all those veggies. So this mini-prepper patiently sat in my cabinets, waiting for the day i would try it out. But i never did. Because i like chopping. :)

Then one day, Brad's parents were coming for dinner & i was really short on time. Much as i don't mind the chopping, it does take up a lot of time. So i FINALLY got this baby out & chopped away. And...

I fell in love.

It is wonderful. It chops SUPER finely. It's perfect. It's the best thing EVER. I use it all the time now...even when i'm NOT short on time. ;)

7. My calphalon knife
This is the knife that made me fall in love with chopping all those veggies. I got it free from Bed Bath & Beyond because someone bought me something off my registry that got me this free knife. I LOVE IT. It is awesome. Just, be careful. I chopped the VERY TIP of my thumb off once & now there is no doubt in my mind that if my thumb was any closer, it would have chopped off the entire thing.


6.  Old Navy Tee - (I can't find these anymore. Sad face.)

I got these at least a year ago - maybe more - from Old Navy. I absolutely love them. I could match them with slacks, with jeans or wear them with workout pants for the gym. I have one in black, one in the blue above & one that is gray/lime/navy striped. i am very sad i can't find anymore. I would have bought them in bulk. The longer length makes me comfortable, especially when working out! It can be embarrassing working out at my size - getting on the ground to do push-ups, etc! Don't need to worry about my shirt riding up. For some reason regular t-shirts look terrible on me. It's because one size is too tight in my tummy but fits perfectly everywhere else, but the next size up is WAY TOO BIG everywhere & looks horrible. So this is a great tee for me. :)

Okay, i think i overloaded you with my favorites! What do you swear by?
Let us know in your own post & link up here!


  1. OMG, I want that water bottle. But not because you put it on here, like, I've wanted it for about 6 months! LOL. The one you have a picture of is the camelback water bottle and I LOVE it. But it's expensive... more because of the name brand than anything else I think.

  2. That's a great list! Love the variety!

  3. I need a good knife. Mine are all dull and suck. I just can't be bothered to spend money on new ones ha. Maybe at tax returns?

  4. love these! i have a certain pen i work w/and refuse to work if i can't find it! :)

  5. I have the exact same knife! I use it for almost everything! It makes chopping hassle free and easy!

  6. I always have a water bottle with me, but I have to say I LOVE those Sharpie pens, somehow we wound up with one (ONE!) and we all fought over it all the time.

  7. this is so fun! I need to get one of those knives for cooking. All of mine have kind of bit the dust!

  8. I need new chopping knives...I'll have to keep that one in mind! Or maybe I can just figure out how to get one of those choppers...because I am lazy :)

  9. Great list...my hubby cooks alot and he would love that knife:)
    I love the Old Navy shirts too...I don't have one in my town(a hour and a half drive)But when I make a trip I always find great things!!!!

  10. I like Sharpie pens, but they aren't my fav. I can't remember what they're called, and I don't want to get up to look. :) I really want to get a new water bottle. Something like that picture!

  11. I am dyinggggg for a nice knife!! All mine are SO dull and don't sharpen well.. :( I've also been looking for a new moisturizer, I'll have ot try that one! :)


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