Sunday, January 16, 2011

this weekend...

It has been a really great weekend. I came home early from work Friday & took a long nap. I wasn't feeling that great & had to work at the Manship that evening. I felt much better after i woke up. I was house managing & the performance was a dance show by Of Moving Colors, a professional dance company in Baton Rouge. I got to watch the whole thing. One house manager has to be in the lobby & the other one in the actual theatre. I was working with my friend Shannon & she wanted to be in the lobby. I was SO glad because i just had to watch the show. I could watch people dance ALL DAY. 

 of moving colors, performing Singing in the Rain
pic from their website

I had heard of this company before, but had never seen them perform...they were amazing! FANTASTIC! It is a professional company & they were dancing with children from the BR area for this performance. It was too cute! Too bad flash photography isn't allowed or i would have been snapping pics with my new camera! I knew a guy in it, he plays in the orchestra for a lot of the little theater productions. I had no idea he could dance too! I also ran into my sweet friend Kristy & her two daughters, Maggie Kate & Molly. She sang a song in it & her daughters danced. She is a friend of mine from the little theatre, too! She is an excellent actress. We talked for awhile after the show, i just love her so much!

Saturday i had my Body BaYou fitness class. Yes! It was awesome. I am loving it. It is held in the gym of a church. Last week there were some people in the parkinglot of that church selling homegrown fruits & vegetables. I wanted to stop but had no cash on me. I was hoping they'd be back this week & they were! I only had a little cash, but i got a pint of strawberries & a bag of tangerines. YUM! Next week i'll bring more. It is right there in the same parkinglot as the class, and the farmer's market is across town! So i'm thrilled! He had AWESOME looking veggies too! Mmmm! :)

That afternoon, I met my mom & sister for lunch. We met at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro & it was DELISH! I am so glad i got some mom & sis time, we had so much fun laughing & talking. (We also ran into my friend Kristy with her daughters - same one i ran into Friday night! Ha!) 

The plan was to look for a shoe for the wedding day (for michelle or for me). Well, we found this one & we got it! I should say MOM found it! She was so proud of herself, too. You see, michelle & i both do NOT like to shop. We are in & out. Mom is the total opposite. I cannot stand stores where you have to dig to find a bargain. Michelle hates them, too. Mom? No way, she lives for those places! Anyway, mom & michelle got there a few minutes before i did. When i walked in, Michelle had already ran through it & had proclaimed it as having nothing! Mom was like "now wait just a second, we just got here!" & then she found this shoe. Michelle has a little bit of champagne in her dress, which will match this shoe. And i got it too because it will go with the bridesmaids dresses. I love it & i love the low heel. I don't do HIGH heels, i can't! So, yay!

I came home & took a nap! Then i got up & we ordered pizza (yes, i know, but i watched my portions!) & watched some more of the Big Bang Theory! That show is HILARIOUS! We're almost done with season 2.

Today we went to church & then picked up Sonny's BBQ to take to my parent's for lunch.  They have awesome food! I was good... i got a chargrilled chicken breast, baked potato & green beans. YUMMY! I showed mom & dad my new camera, which they loved. Pics from today, playing with my camera!

Dad laughing about something.

My pretty mama. :)

My silly hoobie.


mom & dad's sweet dog Molly

It's been a great weekend & good news! It's not over yet! We are both off tomorrow. Hallelujah!

Hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. What a great weekend! I'm not a "digger" at stores either. I love when I'm with my sister because she is and she always finds the best things for me!


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