Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I'll be watching this season...

Last night i watched Harry's Law, the new TV show starring Kathy Bates. If you didn't know, i LOVE Kathy Bates. Her acting is just superb. The show did not disappoint. It is about a patent lawyer who is just bored to tears. She is fired in the first episode and ends up opening her own law firm...criminal law. The characters were great, and the writing is funny. I loved it! Brad, who hates tv, watched it with me & he enjoyed it also. We will both  be watching this one this season!

I also will be watching American Idol this year, which starts this Wednesday. Yep, giving them one more chance! Last season was terrible. It was kind of boring, and the judges got on my last nerve! The only reason i watched as much as i did last season is because the singers grew on me & i wanted to see how they did. But yeah... this season has to be better! They are making a lot of changes in order to get the ratings back up. I read an article about all the changes in Entertainment Weekly & i think it will be good this time. Let's hope! I enjoy watching people reach for their dreams. And i LOVE hearing new singers! :) Fingers crossed for a much better season!

So those will be my two shows this season! We watched nothing last season. i started off with The Biggest Loser & Parenthood, but didn't finish. Being married to Brad has definitely gotten me out of the TV habit! Though we do like The Big Bang Theory. We're netflixing them & are almost to Season 3...it's HILARIOUS!

What are you watching this season?
{Please don't say The Bachelor...just...please...}
I'm kidding. Kind of. :)


  1. I'll probably watch AI- just so I can see the new judges in action. I've given up hope in that show though.

    I LOVE Grey's Anatomy, so I'll def. be watching it. Other than that, nothign, since we're doing P90x and it pretty much takes up our entire evening.

  2. I will be sticking with what I've been watching ... NCIS, NCIS: LA, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. Maybe. Or I might get tired of Grey's and PP. Who knows.

    Oh, and I think I watched one episode of The Bachelor just because I was visiting a friend and she watched the show. I thought it was incredibly stupid and wonder why they keep putting new ones on tv. :) But then again, I'm not a "reality" show person.

  3. I haven't heard of that. I'll have to check it out! Girl, I cannot STAND the bachelor! Ha! I have tons of shows I watch and I won't list them, because there are seriously a lot.

  4. I will definitely be watching American Idol! I hated last season, too, so I'm hoping that the show redeems itself this year. I HATE to admit, but I've been watching the Bachelor. I know, I KNOW...what is WRONG with me?? I haven't watched it in YEARS! The night it premiered there wasn't anything on TV so I watched it and now I'm hooked. Also, Modern Family & the Middle - both shows are SO funny. I also watch One Tree Hill - it's on the CW and I've watched it since high school. I hope they never cancel it, because I just love the characters. Then there's Teen Mom 2 - I don't really know why I watch it? It's just interesting. Dang, I watch a LOT of TV! I guess when you live in a small town with nothing to do, TV is it! Jordan & I watch mostly all these shows together, too. We are TV junkies! There are more shows that I tune into occasionally, pretty much any baking show or anything on the Bravo network. So there ya have it. Please don't hate me for watching the Bachelor!!! :)


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