Sunday, January 23, 2011

yesterday & today

I had a great week! Especially Friday. No surprise there, as Friday is always a better day than Monday thru Thursday. It's just that THIS Friday FLEW by! My workday. It just flew. At noon, it felt like 10 am. I was hoping the afternoon would fly by, too (usually the morning goes fast & the afternoon DRAGS). Well, when it hit four o'clock (i get off at 4:30), i was in total shock. Fastest-flying workday EVER! (I wish every workday was like that!)

Yesterday I was in pain from my workout class. No clue what i did, but my left knee & inner thigh (I guess?!) were in such pain! I relaxed most of the day after my workout, took a nap too, and lots of advil! By supper-time i was a lot better! I am so sore today, but the good kind! Exercising is going so well! And i am eating well too...mostly. :) Set some new goals for myself for the upcoming week. :)

Brad's parents & sister came over last night for dinner & a movie. I made my Sausage Potato Soup. Been awhile since i made that, but it was delish!!! Mmmm. :) I used turkey sausage instead of Kielbasa, because my sis-in-law is allergic to beef (which i discovered is in Kielbasa). It turned out very good, though. I took pictures & updated the recipe (since i had a borrowed pic before!). I really should do that with all my recipes. :)

We watched No Country For Old Men, which was NOT at all what i expected. I love Tommy Lee Jones & Josh Brolin both as actors, but the movie was kinda creepy & we all HATED the ending. I like happy endings, is that so terrible?! Anyway, the acting was superb, the dialogue was good, but...i just wish it had ended a bit happier?! 

 Today we are RELAXING. We skipped church...first time to miss in awhile. We missed a LOT of Sundays last year, and i was so glad to get back to it! I missed it. I never thought I'd be someone who got out of the habit of going to church, but i definitely did from late 2009 through 2010! We went back to my old church & are really enjoying it! But Brad's allergies were HORRIBLE yesterday...he was miserable. And i am exhausted & sore! I just needed a day to sleep in & relax! So we are home, but next week we'll be back! :)

I have been blogging, writing snail mail & reading. I am still reading this book by Karen Kingsbury. I am SO GLAD to finally be reading her books! She is so GOOD! Unlocked is the story about an autistic boy, but it's not just about him...it follows his mom, his dad, his childhood best friend Ella, and her mom. It has chapters from each point of view. It's sooo good & i am really enjoying it! 

In fact, i think i'll go read some more now... ;)

A lot of you commented that this is one of the few books by Karen Kingsbury you HAVEN'T read...i think i picked up a recent one (was published in 2010). I hope you get it! I can't compare it to her other books since it is my first one, but it's a touching story. I am loving it!

Have a great week!

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  1. I much prefer books and films with happy endings too. I use them to chill out and wind down so if they're not happy then it kinda does the opposite!


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