Sunday, February 27, 2011

beautiful day, girlfriends & a picnic!!

It has been absolutely beautiful here in Baton Rouge. Beautiful! Of course, it's more like it should be in April. Not February. So everyone's kinda wondering if the heat & humidity will hit early this year. (I pray not. Hopefully it's just a longer spring ahead!) Anyway, my sweet friend Rachel suggested a picnic at the LSU Lakes (my favorite place). We met there today around 1 & got comfy on Lauren's quilt! Pretty day, good food & girlfriends! What could be better than that?!

 Lauren & Rachel

 Yummy spread: veggies & hummus, chicken salad & crackers, chips, cookies & lemonade. Mmmm.


Fun Times!

 Me & Lauren

Natalie & Rachel

Fievel got to come too. He LOVED it! He was too cute. 

Love days like this! We plan to do it again soon! Great weekend!


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