Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bloggie Bible Study... Week 1

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Well, it is finally time for BBS & I am excited. I have to admit. It took until, well...ahem! JUST NOW for me to finish chapter 1. Next week, i'll get to it a bit earlier. :) I really enjoyed this first chapter though.The story of Mary & Martha is one of my favorites in the Bible & such a great lesson for all of us. Sitting at His feet is most important. :) Here are my thoughts...

BBS - Chapter 1: A Heart Devoted to God

The story of Mary & Martha - Luke 10:38-42 
(I'm just gonna hit the main questions!)

How did Martha act, and why?
Martha was concerned about getting it all done. Whether it was cooking or cleaning, we don't know, but one thing is clear: she was BUSY with her to-do list and annoyed that her sister wasn't helping!

How did Mary act? 
Mary's concern was in spending time with Jesus.

What were Jesus' words to Martha?
I love this: "You are worried & upset about many things, but only one thing is needed." Oh, how i need to write that down & refer to it often! When i am worried & upset...all i need to do is draw close to the Lord. Not run around trying to fix everything...

What were his words to Mary?
"Mary has chosen the better thing & it will not be taken from her." I think he is saying that she doesn't have to get up & help because she has chosen what is most important...spending time with Jesus. Her relationship with Him.

5 actions I can take to put worship at the top of my to-do list.
consult him first in everything
spend time in prayer
trust him. stop worrying. 
sometimes turn off music in the car & just talk to God
don't just speed through bible readings...take time to think about what i'm reading.

Priority means superiority in rank, position or privilege.
Worship means to regard with great respect & devotion.

 Can i think of an area where i am consciously choosing good when i know a better & best choice are available? Sure. I need to pray more, not just read my Bible & consider that enough. I need to really spend time getting to know Him as i would my best friends. Elizabeth George's example in the car made so much sense to me. I sometimes listen to music by a favorite artist or the easy-listening station. Lately i've kept it on Kari Jobe & just praised God in my car. But i sometimes need to just turn off the music & talk to God.

A heartfelt prayer: Lord, just for today (tomorrow? I'm about to go to bed!) help me to cultivate a hot heart by increasing my prayer life. I used to be such an intercessor & i want to get back to that. My passion for God was always more intense when i was spending so much time talking to God & interceding for others. It's important!

Write out one instance when I was aware that I actively chose God as a priority over something or someone this week. One of my new year's resolutions was to read through the Bible in a year. Not so i could say i did, but just to get me back to reading his word each day. After working at the Manship last night, I got home late & wanted to go straight to bed! But then i remembered i hadn't done my Bible reading yet. I did that before going to sleep & i am so glad i did.  There are also times where i want to grab my novel or a magazine...but i choose my Bible first & only read the novel when i'm done with that days reading. :)

 What are some of the things that keep me from having a daily quiet time? Running late for work. Many times lately i get up early enough to sit down to have breakfast (a miracle). On those days i am able to read my Bible & pray a bit before getting to work. At work, i like to blog or get on facebook on my lunch break, but if i haven't had a quiet time yet, i try to take it then. It is amazing how facebook & blogger can be such a distraction! But spending time with God is a much better way to spend a lunch break! :)

What do i think are the key ingredients to a quality quiet time?
Well, quiet helps. And time. ;) Seriously, though... quiet. The Bible. A notepad, journal & pen. And a willing & ready heart.

If you are wondering, the journal is to write down anything God shows you or speaks to your heart about. The notepad is to write down the distractions. A pastor once told me that when you are praying & thoughts keep invading your conversation with God...things like "don't forget this" or "if you don't do this now, you will forget!"... he said to write down that thing on your notepad immediately & get right back to your time with God. That distraction is gone now because it's written down to tend to later. I know that sounds like a big DUH, but seriously, try it. It works like a charm.

That was an awesome first chapter & i am so excited to be taking part in this Bible study!!



  1. A while ago I started turning the music off in the car when I am alone. It's good. Sometimes it's the only real quiet that I get in a day. Gotta take it when I can get it!

    And I do the notebook thing too...sometimes... it definitely helps to minimize those distractions and keep me on track with what I am trying to focus on. I need to start doing that all the time.

    Yay for the group hug haha!

  2. Great Post! I have a journal too...I need to use it MORE! :)

    I like the group hug :) Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Keeping a journal helps SO much! It really does help me focus because I tend to lose focus fast. :)

  4. It's crazy how much time the internet can take out your day without even thinking about it. That's something that challenged me from this study!

    Looking forward to chapter 2!

  5. Great post:)I have been turning the radio off,so much more peaceful and I can focus more too.


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