Saturday, February 12, 2011

cold & sunny, my weekend & valentine's day

So this morning I got my booty to workout class, it was SO COLD! Brr! (You would probably laugh if you knew what i consider cold, so maybe i should clarify. It was about 40 degrees. And sunny.) I did my stretching with my peacoat & gloves on, and did the first workout in my gloves. BRR! Finally warmed up though! Today's class was HARD. I find i have a harder time in the Saturday morning classes, it's like i have NO energy or something. I started wheezing in class & ever since i've been a wheezing coughing machine! Nooo!

I had asthma when i was little, and other than the yearly bronchitis, i haven't had any issues with it since. I pray i am not getting sick. I feel fine, but EVERYONE has been sick. On Monday & Tuesday at work we had 4 people out sick. On Wednesday & Thursday, we had 4 DIFFERENT people out sick!! And Friday we had another out sick! That is INSANE! I normally get bronchitis early on in the year, i'm hoping this year will be different!

So you all know my obsession with the egrets. Apparently they made their way to Central! HAHA! Central is a suburb of Baton Rouge where i grew up. It's where my class is & not far from where i live. Today i saw an egret fly across the road & land by a ditch. Then on my way home, there was a smaller egret on another street by a pond in front of someone's house. I just love them! For some reason there were not many at the lakes on Friday & even less on Thursday, when it was colder. I guess they don't like cold weather!

I am THRILLED it's the weekend, as always. My sister & her fiance are currently on their way to BR. I'm meeting them & my dad for lunch. Poor mom is sick & can't come. Brad is going to stay home. After lunch, Mike (my sister's fiance) is going to go look at tuxes, while Michelle & I pick up her wedding dress! Yay! Their wedding is in New Orleans in November...two days before our 3rd wedding anniversary.

I think we'll be going out for Valentine's Day tomorrow. We only like the day of if we go out right after work, to beat the crowds! But i have my workout class & i am not missing that! I think we're just going to go to Zea's. Do you have a Zea's? It's so good. And it's the one place where what i actually WANT to order is actually healthy. Yes! It's delicious. We have a gift card to there from Christmas. We may go to Bistro Byronz though.

Brad & I don't do much for Valentine's but we still like to celebrate it. I know some people don't & I agree that it's more wonderful to get daisies on a random Saturday than on Valentine's Day. But my husband doesn't feel obligated to do anything for me just because it's February 14th... he does it because he wants to. And i like it. i think when you have 11 consecutive SINGLE valentine's days, as both of us had, you kinda want to celebrate it with your love when you finally have the chance! He still romances me throughout the year! i love him. 

I got him a card & will just get him some candy & make dinner for him on Monday night. I told him i'd cook whatever he wants, even if it's something i've never made. You know what he wants? CHICKEN CHEESE & RICE, which is a meal i had growing up that is the EASIEST thing to make. I was hoping he'd pick something a little more...romantic? Adventurous? Something? No, he wants chicken cheese & rice. Alrighty then! :) Brad says he's getting me a present. Last year, he just did a card & flowers which was plenty! I cannot imagine what he got me. 

I'm amazed that we're already halfway through February. Next weekend I'm walking at the Race for the Cure with my workout class. Brad is coming too! It's a 5k. :) I'm also throwing a Mary Kay Party for my sister-in-law, as she's trying to start her business. The weekend after that i'll be going to New Orleans with my sister & her bridesmaids to shop for our dresses for the wedding! The weekend after that is my birthday weekend. I'll be 33, which is insane. I feel 25. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Girl, I hate the cold. I think it's cold when it's in the 60's! It feels nice, but I prefer HOT weather. Your Valentine's sounds fun! I'm cooking an entire new menu. Not healthy at all, but Weight Watchers starts the next day. :) We don't usually do a lot, but it's still fun to celebrate!

  2. Good for you for working out on a weekend and especially when you were so cold! Have a great weekend.

  3. haha. I love how you said "I'll be 33, which is insane! I feel 25."

    I'm not doing anything for vday. Blah.


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