Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy Crazy Week

This week was crazy. On Monday, we got word that my great uncle passed away. We love him so much & are thankful that he lived healthy & strong until he was 90. That is a great & full life! My mom was already there, she went up to help out. I am glad she was able to be with him again. He never had children, so he's always been like a 2nd dad to mom & like a grandpa to me & my sister. :)

The funeral was set for Wednesday, visitation at 12 & a graveside service at 2. Brad & I asked off for Wednesday & Thursday. We packed up & headed out early Wednesday morning. Fievel was going crazy...he tends to freak out when we start packing suitcases! We were running in & out putting stuff in the car. At one point, i was headed back into the house when i heard the most pitiful bark ever...he sounded like he was just heartbroken! Scared to death we were going to leave him! I finally just put him in the car before we were even completely ready to go! Silly doggie.

He was an absolute ANGEL in the car. I wish he was that sweet & well-behaved all the time!! Ha!

I succeeded with my goal to not stop for fast food. If you don't read my weightloss blog, you may not know that fast food was at one time a huge addiction for me. I had it 2, sometimes 3 times a day. SICK! I had Chic-fil-a the first week of January, other than that i have had ZERO fast food in 2011. I was worried that i would give in for this little road trip. I know there are healthy choices at fast food places, the trouble is i never pick them. :) I think it's okay if it's ONLY on road trips you eat it, but i tend to go home & have more! But this time we stopped at my FAVORITE place in Mississippi to stop on the way to Grenada, MS. 

The BroadStreet Bakery & Cafe

SO GOOD. On the way we stopped for lunch & i got a grilled chicken BLT on whole wheat with a side salad. It was SO good. On the way back we stopped for breakfast. I just got a breakfast sandwich - scrambled eggs, bagon & cheese on a biscuit. YUM! (I know those things aren't necessarily low cal but they're SO much better than fast food!). Water to drink. Yay!

We were late to the visitation. It started at noon & i wanted to be there at least by noon. 12:30 at the latest. We left BR at 7:30, and it's a 4.5 hour drive. We got there at 1:15! Stayed too long at the Broadstreet Cafe...oops. There are perks to drive-thru's. We got to Grenada, ran by my aunt paula's, dropped fievel off, changed into funeral clothes & left. I was sooo stressed & near tears. :( When we got there, they were praying. Just in time. I got to see my Uncle Ruby in the casket for a minute. Then i hugged my relatives. My aunt erma (his wife) looked beautiful. Please pray for her!!

The graveside service was so nice. Beautiful day, too. I liked Uncle Bookie's pastor. 

No one mentioned me being late, and when i brought it up everyone was SUPER understanding. They realize we had a long drive. :) THANKFUL.

The rest of the day was spent visiting relatives & hugging necks. :) We finally went back to my Aunt Paula's, visited awhile, & tried to take a nap (didn't happen). Then we made our rounds to say bye to everyone because we were going to be leaving early in the morning. 

I snapped this pic of my aunt's cat. That is a gorgeous cat! He tolerated Fievel. ;)

It was a short but sweet visit. Got home at 1 pm, so i got to rest some before i had to work at the Manship. Amber Tamblin (actress from House, Joan of Arcadia, & Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) - her mom was the opening artist last night! I thought that was pretty cool. Her name is Bonnie Murray Tamblin.

Work was SO stressful today but i am thankful to be home! Time to go to bed, though! Early morning ahead! (Race for the Cure with my workout class!)


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  1. I'm sorry for your loss...

    Fievel is so cute! I wish Oscar did good in the car, he jumps around and whines forever!

    That cat is gorgeous!


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