Sunday, February 13, 2011

cupcakes & wedding dresses

We've had a great weekend so far! Yesterday after my workout class, I read for a little while. I borrowed Francine Rivers' new series from my mother-in-law & recently started the first one. SO GOOD! I can't put it down. Well, obviously i CAN since i am sitting here blogging...but i cannot WAIT to get back to it! :) 

After that & some web-surfing, i went to Logan's Roadhouse by the mall. Um, yeah...will not be going back there! I hadn't been in ages but thought it was good? Well, my grilled chicken breast was DELISH, but the fries weren't that great & they messed up michelle's order. But the bathrooms? Kinda gross. I mean, not gas station gross, but pretty yucky for what is supposed to be a nice restaurant! Anyway, i still had a good time with Michelle, Mike & Dad. :)

Michelle & Mike brought 2 cupcakes & a "pupcake" (mini cupcake for the dog) from a new place by the mall called "Cupcake Couture". She ended up giving them to dad for him, mom & molly (their dog). So after eating they went back to get more! HAHA! I tagged along, hoping to find a chocolate cupcake for my valentine. He just LOVES chocolate cake & chocolate icing. :)

Of course I had to get one for myself, too! I am doing so well with my eating/exercise, but a little valentine treat to myself is not going to hurt anything! SO GOOD! Mine is a "King Cake" cupcake & it was amazing! The icing is just like the cream cheese filling of a king cake & DELICIOUS. Took me awhile to eat it though - it was SO sweet! Brad LOVED his chocolate one! Michelle asked if i was going to get a Pupcake for Fievel but i declined. I know, mean mama! Honestly, though, he doesn't know he missed out! (We used to have a dog named Pupcake, by the way.) :) 

After that Michelle & I picked up her wedding dress! She tried it on & it looks BEAUTIFUL on her! I wish i could post pics, but i can't. She looks so good in her dress though & i am excited. :) 

I brought my camera, so on the way home I had to stop at the lakes. Of course. It was a GORGEOUS day! For some reason i didn't see many egrets. Just 4 or 5 way up in a tree. That's it! But guess what? I saw a PELICAN! My friend Mary has been telling me they come to the lakes around March. Brad & I walked the lakes on Thursday & we saw some big white bird but it was so far away we weren't sure what it was. Pelican didn't enter my brain & i just assumed it was a fat egret! HA! But this time i had my long lens with me & through that i could see that it was a pelican!! For some reason he was in the middle of the lake (same place as on Thursday!) & even my long lens wouldn't get a great shot! But here he is.

I took other pictures as well. Love it out there!! Hopefully the pelican will come a little closer to the edge next time. ;) Here are some more pics of the lakes from yesterday!

 so peaceful.

weird trees!

 Louisiana Moss!

 will someone please tell me what he is doing? he stood like this forever. is he hurt? trying to fly? mating ritual? guarding something? I'm so curious!

the only egrets i saw.

Today was beautiful, too. We went to church & the sermon was awesome. Then we went to Bistro Byronz for our Valentine's date. :) We had a $30 groupon to there, so it was kinda cool to get a bill for $1.20! Ha! The meal was DELICIOUS, though i got what i always get there. (Chicken BLT without the Bacon. It is SO good. Brad got the same thing with the bacon & we shared fries. They have the best fries. 

YUM! Happy weekend & happy valentine's day! May you feel completely & totally loved - even if you don't have a significant other...may you feel the love of your family & friends, and most importantly, your heavenly Father. :)


  1. I've only read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, but I loved that book! Must.read.more!

    Looks like you had a great time! Those cupcakes look so good!

    Love the pelican!

    And I'm thinking the bird might be waiting for his deodorant to dry. :) Sorry, but that's what popped into my head when you asked what he was doing. :)

    Anyway, your pictures just keep getting better!

  2. I love cupcakes! I haven't found a cupcakery here and there are times I just want a cupcake! But I don't want to make them. :) Yay for wedding dresses! That's too fun.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I'm guessing he's showing off for the ladies. ;)

  4. Don't worry, it's not hurt - it's just sunbathing and drying its wings.
    Sounds like a great weekend :)


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