Thursday, February 3, 2011

cutest dog ever

Isn't he cute?! 
I think so.

i love my Fievel sooo much!


  1. He is cute!!! I had a lhasa apso(which looks so much like shizhu's)named Chloe, that I got when I was 6 and we had to put her down when I was 20. She looked a lot like Fievel! Sweet doggies :)

  2. I have a shih tzu who looks like your Fievel! How do you keep his face so clean and white??

  3. Karie - He was just groomed about a week ago so that's the only reason his face is clean! But in a couple more weeks his face will be GROSS & STINKY! Haha! Sometimes i do wash just his beard & try to clean his eyes but only if i can't get to the groomer soon enough LOL.

  4. He is adorable! Aren't dogs just so precious?! I don't know about Fievel, but these past two days, Lexie has not wanted to step foot outside. Seriously...we have to shove her out the door to go pee!!!


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