Monday, February 28, 2011

February Review - a resolutions update!

I'm thinking the reason people do not stick to their new year's resolutions is because they forget about them. I mean, how are you supposed to remember month-after-month exactly what your goals were unless you write them down & go back to them at times? I'll admit, not ALL of my resolutions are going perfectly, but the most important ones are. So...here we go...how did i do in February?

Resolution 1: Read the Bible in a Year = 'B'
If i had not caught up on some missed days, i would have given myself a big fat F. Or maybe a D. (I'm not sure how i can go from an F to a B, but i'm no teacher! Haha!) However, even though i missed some days the week my great uncle passed away, i DID manage to catch up! I got a week behind before i decided to pull it together & get back to it! I knew if i didn't do that soon then i would give up altogether. I started reading two days worth each day & by yesterday i was fully caught up. Yipee! I am really really enjoying reading my Bible. Now, i'll be honest... i kinda skim Leviticus. If that gives me a C, well, then...so be it! Haha. I am SURE there is more i could get out of it if i did some sort of study, but as for just reading, well. Not gonna happen! Skimmer all the way!!

But other than that, i am really glad to be reading some of the Word each & every day. It's good stuff!

Resolution 2: BE HEALTHY = 'B'
I give myself a B, because for the most part, i did my ABSOLUTE best. I missed 2 bootcamp classes, but MORE than made up for it in the other classes by giving it my everything! The trainer started taking us outside once the weather got nice & what do we do outside? SUICIDES! & other crazy stuff! I mean, it is HARD on this body! But it's good for me & i am SO PROUD for giving it my all in class & not giving up, even when i felt like i was being pushed to my ABSOLUTE LIMIT! I did not lose any weight in February. Seriously, i forgot to weigh the first week, but on week 2 i gained 3 pounds, on week 3 i lost 2 pounds & on week 4 i gained 4 pounds! This is not because i have been doing poorly. There are other factors involved which you can read on my weightloss blog if you are interested!  But yeah...my greatest victory is not quitting, for pushing myself in bootcamp class & FINALLY REALIZING that the scale is NOT the best reflection of weight loss. Make no mistake - i AM losing weight. It is just taking awhile for the scale to take notice!

Resolution 3: Learn my  new camera & take a pic a day on FB = 'D'
Yeah, this one isn't going too well. Honestly, i'm okay with that. I have no goals to become a professional photographer (though if that were to happen i wouldn't complain!). I just want to take good pics of everyday life. So the good news is that i LOVE my camera i HAVE been taking pics ALL THE TIME. The bad news is that i have been TERRIBLE about this Project 365 thing. I do not bring my camera to work everyday & that is where i spend most of my time each weekday (unfortunately!). I started carrying my camera to work but that only lasted a day. I am already carrying my workout back to work each day! My Project 365 is really not happening - i have LOTS of skipped days, but i'm just not going to take a picture JUST BECAUSE I SHOULD in the 4 hours i'm home between work & bedtime! That is really my time to relax & do laundry or dishes if need be! 2012 might be a better year to focus on a picture-a-day project. What is important to me is to keep using my camera (which i do, don't get me wrong! It's just mostly on the weekends!) & to read my manual & another book recommended to me by a friend. Which i haven't ordered yet. But i will soon! :)

Resolution 4: Save Money = 'C'
Well, i just saved enough for a new laptop, which i NEED desperately!! So excited for that! But other than that, not much & i know i need to make this a priority.

Resolution 5: Organize = 'F'
I'll get to this. Eventually. February was too crazy. I'm thinking sometime this spring i'll get more done!

Resolution 6: Be On Time = B
This is going well! YAY ME! I am rarely late to work these days & if i am it's 5 minutes late. And that's about once a week. This is A LOT OF PROGRESS, people, believe it or not!

Overall, i'm happy. My MAIN GOALS are resolutions 1 & 2. And on those i did pretty well. The others are things i do need to work towards (especially Resolution 4!) & i'll get there. :)

I also had a bucket list for 2011 & am proud to say i have accomplished a few more things:
Read a lot & try some non-fiction for a change. This is definitely happening! This month i read Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers & i just started the sequel. As far as nonfiction, i'm reading A Woman After God's Own Heart for Bible Study & i also just started Made to Crave, a book about our relationship with God & food. Yay!

Attend our church regularly & get more involved. Happening! :)

Get to know more people at our church. This will happen eventually. Not a whole lot of events at the beginning of the year, but we will try to do this! We are going to dinner with some friends on the 19th & it will include a couple from our church that we don't know very well. :)

Participate in a Bible Study. BBS, baby! (A Woman After God's Own Heart - bloggie bible study)

Walk a 5k. Happened on February 19th! Woohoo!

Have more Girl's Nights Out. I think i had 2 in February with theatre girlfriends. Would love to have more! :)

Pray for others continually. Thanks to BBS, this is happening again. We just finished a chapter on prayer & it was awesome. I am excited to get back to a good prayer life. I want to really mean it when i say "I'll be praying for you." :)

So there you have it! Not bad in February!
Looking forward to March!


  1. I"m always late too-and that was one of my resolutions! Seems like you are doing well with all of yours! I love your blog. :)

  2. AHH!! I can finally leave you a comment! My MacBook won't let me for some reason... Anyway.. I think you are doing fine with your resolutions! Keep up the good work.


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