Saturday, February 26, 2011

getting ready for a wedding...

Last night we went to TJ Ribs for my mother-in-law's birthday. All i can say is, WHY do we not go there more often?! Well, it's probably a good thing. :) But that food was DELICIOUS! I got my MIL the pioneer woman cookbook. She was so excited. She saw it at my house recently & loved it. :) She is probably the last person on earth to need a cookbook (pioneer woman ain't got nothin' on her! haha!) but she loved it so i got it for her. :)

Today was the day: Bridesmaids Dress Shopping in New Orleans. We planned this early in January & I can't believe it's already February 26th! MAN, time flies! Her wedding will be here before we know it. 

Mom & I met this morning at 9 & headed to Metaire (just outside of New Orleans). But by the time we actually got on the road, it was 9:30. When we finally made it, Michelle & co. had already been to two stores without finding anything. So we met them at the third one, David's Bridal. They didn't have one she liked, but we did find THIS ONE!!!

 Don't you just LOVE IT?!

I'm sorry. We're kidding. That is the ugliest dress I have ever seen!  
I sincerely hope none of my readers have bought this dress, I do not meant to offend! i just think it's terrible!

Oh, man. That is terrible. This is Jennifer, the groom's sister. She texted him a pic saying, "We found the dress!" He texted back, "Do not let Michelle pick that dress!" HAHA. (Her favorite color is yellow. But she agrees that this is HIDEOUS!) 

(Again, sorry, david's bridal. y'all carry many beautiful things. it's just that this is not one of them!)

Michelle & her future sister-in-law, Jennifer

Two of the Bridesmaids - Jenn & Erin

So anyway, THAT was fun! Haha. We left there & went to Houston's for lunch. It was delicious!

After we left Houstons, we headed to the northshore for more shopping. About 5 minutes later, i realized something. I LEFT MY CAMERA AT HOUSTON'S!!! Oh my goodness. My heart dropped. We were on the bridge which is LONG & you cannot turn around. So we just had to keep going to the other shop. I called Houston's & they did have my camera & promised to keep it safe until i got back. Praise the Lord! That was SCARY!! 

We found some great dresses at Southern Bride. Beautiful color (wine) & fabric (satin). I love it. We do not have to order till July so we have some time to decide. We can wear whatever style we like, as long as it's the same color & fabric. And they had TONS of styles in the right color/fabric. YAY. :)

After that, mom & i went BACK to Metaire for my camera! I felt bad because that is heading back towards New Orleans, not home! But she was really sweet about it. :) I got my camera back & i think i held it the whole way home. HA!

Good Day! Except for the terror of almost losing my camera!! 



  1. Oh my gooosh! I would cry my face off for the rest of my life if I lost my camera!!! Bet you never do that again hahaha.

    I think that dress could be really cute on some young girl for prom or something. It's definitely a "young" dress.

  2. Haha! That dress is pretty awful. I'm so glad you got your camera back! I would freak out!


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