Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's back... Photographer Friend Show-off - Number 5!

Remember ages ago when i was showing off all the beautiful work of my photographer friends?

If you weren't around then (it was, after all, last september!), i'll fill you in. I had found myself with a plethora of photographer friends & i really loved looking at their work. I love photography & could stalk photography blogs all day. I remember really wishing my blog readers could see these great photos. That's when i had the idea to start showcasing these photos on my blog! I emailed all my photographer buddies for their permission & i got LOTS of responses. Four of them sent me pics right away! You should check them out!


Well, this past weekend i got an email from my friend Kyle. We met when we were both cast in Urinetown, the musical and after that we worked together for Steel Magnolias. He is such a great guy & i am so glad to know him! He's a middle school drama teacher, which keeps him busy enough i'm sure, but he also is constantly acting or directing. Not to mention the whole photography biz, which has just completely grown in leaps & bounds! So i guess i thought my little show-off sessions were over, but Kyle didn't forget & he sent me tons of photos this week! And, man, i have no idea which ones i will show you! Guess you'll just have to check out his website to see them all!

You can also check out more of his photos here & read more about his life as an actor & director here!

I hope you enjoy his pics below! There are many because i couldn't choose! It was really fun because i know a lot of these people - there are a lot of theatre people in this post! :)

i love this one! this is the son of the head guy at brlt on his first bday. so cute!


mary & chris

paula & lee


my dear friend, mary. i love this one.

 this has to be one of my favorite rock shots ever. chris & mary got married in december, so it was all decorated for Christmas. i love this!

 so sweet


 evan, an extremely talented pianist.

 samantha, an amazing triple threat! acting, singing, dancing - this girl is a star!

 she is, too. unbelievably talented vocally & such a great actress. i love shelley! look at that smile!

I do not know what Kyle calls these. I suppose they are headshots, but they have such an artistic flair. They are just RIDICULOUS. I love them. I want to have my hair & makeup done all crazy & do one like this too!

 Shelley, again...gorgeous!

Zac, another crazy talented person. FUNNY. love him.

Well, that's all! You should contact Kyle of Spaceless Photography if you are interested in headshots or anything else! I think he does an excellent job! Thanks, Kyle, for letting me show off your pics!


  1. Mel......you are amazing thank you so much for putting this up!

  2. That's my little girl, Claudia, with the blue eyes. :)

  3. Wow! These pictures are amazing. Maybe someday I'll be a fraction of the awesomeness haha.

  4. This is so cool! Those photos are amazing!


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