Wednesday, February 9, 2011

last weekend...

I felt like sharing with you what i did this weekend, but i never got around to it. So i'll do it today! Even though it's almost the weekend again. :)

Thursday I had to work at the Manship. It was for an Alejandro Escavedo concert. Alejandro is this man in his late 60's who has been rocking for like 40 years or something crazy. It wasn't my favorite style of music, but i recognize talent when i see it & they were AMAZING. It was so cold that night and I wore this hat, which i love but don't wear often.

Friday work was canceled due to "freezing rain" {giggle, snort}. Hubby & I had a wonderfully relaxing day & i was THRILLED to not have work. I made this delicious soup in my crockpot & we ate it with french bread for dinner. Note to self: stop buying french bread. It seems to be the thing i canNOT control myself around. But anyway. :) I think we were just lazy all day. Blogged, read, napped & watched Big Bang Theory. Which i love & think you should watch, just to see if you like it. It's so funny.

Saturday i got up bright & early & went to my Body BaYou bootcamp class. LOVE IT!

After class, I stopped by Jill's house & picked up my new Jillry. I got a pair of earrings for myself & a cute bracelet/earring set for my friend's birthday. I am not posting a picture of hers yet because i just mailed it to her today & i don't want her to see!! :) But here are the earrings i got for myself.

I don't know if you can see it real well but i just love them! Jill has awesome jewelry. She is so creative & affordable. I follow her blog & we have mutual friends, but this was my first time buying from her & I got to meet her when i went by her house to pay & get my new pretties! Turns out she lives super close to me! I met her hubby & baby boy & doggie. They are all so sweet! :) And i love that her name is Jill so she can have a business named Jillry. I mean, how cool is that?! Check her out on facebook if you want to!!

After that, i went to my in-laws house for breakfast! Brad was already there, along with his parents, his sister Jaimie, and 3 of her friends. We had eggs, bacon, & homemade biscuits. YUM! (I love my MIL's breakfasts!) Whenever we eat breakfast there we skip lunch just because her breakfast keeps us full for hours! Good thing because we were having mexican for dinner!

Jeff Bridges & Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit {google images}

Saturday night we had a date night with my parents. :) I was missing them so we got together. First we went to the movies. We saw TRUE GRIT, which was really good. I just wished someone had told me i would cry. Oh, man did i cry! I don't want to say what made me cry in case you haven't seen it. But i did enjoy the movie. Matt Damon is already one of my favorite actors & he was great. I love Jeff Bridges, too, and he was PERFECT in this role, in my opinion. Some have said that only John Wayne could play that role & hmmm, well... i can't imagine another actor outdoing Jeff Bridges in that part, but i did Netflix the original just to find out. :) Hailee Steinfeld was so good, too. She's up for an oscar!

After that we went to try Coyote Blues Mexican Grill, a new-ish restaurant here in Baton Rouge that we have never tried. 45 minute wait & we were starving! So we left & went to Las Palmas. I haven't been there in ages, we always get La Carreta if we want mexican, but my mom doesn't like La Carreta (which is crazy! haha!). But Las Palmas was good!

Sunday was church & it was great. We sang You are God Alone & i fell in love with that song!

So that was our weekend & it was a good one! Thankful it's already almost the next weekend! :)


  1. Ok, you look so cute in that hat!!
    Your new earrings are super cute too.
    And I totally know what you mean about the French Bread... YUM!

  2. Love the hat and you look so cute in it:)


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