Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The perfect day alone

It's Tuesday! Time for another blog hop with Girl Talk!

The question is..."How would you spend a perfect day alone?"

I love alone time, but I don't really feel like i'm lacking any at this point in my life (yet. I do realize that babies will change all that!). Brad is here all the time but he's a pretty quiet kind of guy & isn't requiring all of my attention all day long! FIEVEL on the other hand, well...i might as well have a two year old, except that he does EVENTUALLY calm down & he definitely sleeps through the night. :) But from about the time i get home until we FINALLY get it through his skull that he must SETTLE DOWN, well... he can be QUITE the attention seeker! (As i write this, he is actually sleeping at my feet on the couch. Only because it's after 10 pm).

ANYWAY. The perfect day alone would mean Fievel was at the groomer or at my parents. :)

Brad could stay. After all, if he's in his studio, i don't even know he's here! (He would be allowed out just to give me a massage or refill my coffee.) :)

So, it would go something like this (yes, i am a homebody):

wake up. on my own (since there is no fievel here & hubby is confined to his studio, i would probably wake up around 8:30). while i am taking a long luxurious hot bath (with a novel), brad makes his amazing coffee for me & his mom drops off her fantastic breakfast, which includes homemade biscuits, perfectly scrambled eggs, grits & crispy bacon, just how i like it (& calories do no count on this most perfect day).

I get out of the tub & put on some clean cozy pj's. Brad comes out of his studio to dry my hair for me because he knows i hate drying my hair & i always have good hair days when he does it for me. (This actually happens almost every weekend.) After my hair is dry, i come to the living room to find my pedicure lady! I really needed a pedicure but i didn't feel like going anywhere. She has brought everything to my house! She gives me a lovely pedicure, complete with leg & feet massages. My favorite chic flick is on while I get my toes did. ;)

After my pedicure, i head back to bed where my hubby gives me a LONG back & neck massage. I come back to the living room & notice that the pedicure lady has left & that my kitchen & living room are spotless! She cleaned before she left! How sweet! I didn't even hear her because the massage was causing me to fall into a blissful sleep. Ahhhh...

After my nap, i realize i'm starving! But, no worries! Next to me is a sweet love note from my hubby, telling me lunch is in the kitchen. I find a to-go box of La Madeline's chicken salad croissant & small potato soup, still warm! He also thought to get me dessert, a Strawberry Napoleon, something i always point out to him in the La Madeline's bakery but never get because of the calories. (But calories don't count today & I so love the Strawberry Napoleon). After lunch, i watch another chic flick or blog or read & i do that for hours until supper time. Brad's mom has come by again just to bring us dinner & whatever magazines she had hanging around her house that i haven't read yet. :) (It doesn't really matter what she brings to eat, because whatever it is, it will be wonderful.)

After dinner, i fall asleep while reading magazines. Brad comes to bed & snuggles up close to me & he does not snore & i do not get up even once to go to the bathroom.


Now back to reality where i am up past my bedtime writing this post, which means i'm going to have a hard time leaving for work at 7:30 am!

Goodnight! :)


  1. A day alone...Just the thought sounds appealing. First I would lounge around and be lazy (imagine that!). Then I would enjoy a nice long bubble bath take my time getting ready and enjoy a time shopping out by myself. As a Mom shopping trips are limited and there is a small window of time before everyone is tired, hungry, or cranky!

  2. hahahaha. I was cracking up the whole time reading this. It was so stinkin cute! You win for best imagined day alone. :)


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