Saturday, February 19, 2011

Race for the Cure with Body BaYou

We had a great time today at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure! It was held at LSU. We got there a little after 7 this morning & did not get home until noon! Crazy! We had a good time. It was SO foggy this morning! But the sun came out & i even got a bit across my nose & cheeks! I was so excited to be a part of this with my Body BaYou bootcamp class. We had the cutest shirts, too! (Don't you think?!)

 Me & Brad...seriously..my eyes look terrible. That's just how it is at 7 am! :)
 Me with Sarah (my personal trainer) & Ashlie (my personal cheerleader). Haha! Ashlie is actually on her way to being a personal trainer, too. I say she's my cheerleader because she is a HUGE support for me in my weightloss journey...both of these ladies are! Love them! :)

 People celebrating being cancer free!!

 Lauren & Ashley - Lauren & I are always in each other's group for bootcamp class! I love her! Ashley is not in our class but she is awesome. :)

 Sarah with her mom, Jennifer

Ashlie & her little sister, Aubrey 

 My friend Jenny sang the National Anthem! She did great! :)

 Mindy & her husband Kyle - the back of our shirts! Cute!

My gorgeous trainer!

After the 5k! Sweaty! & freckly! Haha!

Team Body BaYou! We came in 3rd place for the amount of money raised! YEAH!

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  1. Awesome! I didn't know you went to Body Bayou. Do you go to the group classes? If so, when do you go? I was thinking I'd like to start something like that!!!


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