Saturday, February 19, 2011

right off the top of my head...

I am kind of bored & i really have nothing better to do...actually, i have plenty better to do now that i think about it. :) But i will save that for tomorrow. I feel like taking it easy tonight! :)

just stuff...

Today i did Race for the Cure. It was fun. It was hotter than it has been in awhile. My husband has a sunburn on the back of his neck! I have a mild one across my nose & cheeks. My calves & legs are sore! 
Two Questions. 
1. I have two blisters on my feet. Does that mean my Nike's are old & need replacing? Or is that just normal? I did not get blisters at my last 5k (last May, same shoes). 

2. At the beginning of our walk, i noticed my fingers were SO swollen. They were FAT. I actually took a picture of my hand, because they were both just crazy-swollen. I will spare you the pic, but why is that? Was it the humidity? Dehydration (though i drink plenty of water, i had only had a little that early in the morning)? I don't know what that means. Brad's were swollen too! We'd been standing around for almost 2 hours before the race actually started...

today at the race, LSU

Tonight i was supposed to have a Mary Kay party. I usually do not have these kinds of parties, but i really wanted to help my sister-in-law out! I invited 30 or so good friends & most of them declined. They all had good reasons. A few said maybe. Two said yes, but both of them backed out. So the party was canceled. I remember now why i don't have these parties! Hey, if you're in BR & want a one-on-one facial, let me know! That would help my sis-in-law out so much with her "30 Faces in 30 Days", which she needs done by the 28th!

My birthday is almost here! I'll be 33 & i do not feel 33 at ALL. People do not believe i am 30, much less 33! Holy crap. I have been told the 30's are the best years & i would have to agree. I realized recently that i am always excited to see what we have on the calendar. I'm always looking ahead to what i get to do next! I realized i really like experiencing life with my husband. And i love his family.And i have so many great friends! Good times!

I love down time, too, don't get me wrong! But i have lots to look forward to right now!

Things currently on my calendar that i am excited about!

Tomorrow (20) - Tomorrow we are going to a catholic church. No, we're not looking for a new church! We are happy where we are! But in the newspaper recently they had an article about a new custom-made pipe organ that was being donated to St. Aloysius Catholic Church. Brad's mom saved the article for Brad, because that kind of stuff is right up his alley.Well, later i got a facebook invite to the organ dedication service at this church! My friend Beth goes there & she invited us. I asked Brad if he wants to go & he said yes. We're going tomorrow with his mom. It's only an hour long. There will be another one on the 26th, so we may go back. (P.S. I have only been to a catholic church once in my life!)

Friday (25) - dinner with in-laws for my MIL's birthday.
Saturday (26) - all day shopping in New Orleans for bridesmaid's dresses for my sister's wedding.
Sunday (27) - going on a picnic to LSU with some girlfriends of mine! :)

Wednesday (2) - my birthday!
Saturday (5) - we'll probably do something for my birthday. :) 
Sunday (13) - granny's 80th birthday celebration!! (brad's granny, that is. but i call her granny, too.)
Sunday & Monday (20 & 21) - auditions for It Runs in the Family, which is a comedy at BRLT that am stage managing. I have not SM'd a show since JUNE! I'm ready!! 
Friday (25) - the Portland Cello Project - you may not know this about me. But i LOVE the cello. I just LOVE IT. I saw "the portland cello project" on the Manship schedule & showed Brad. We are going! I can't wait! It should be a fantastic date night! : )

Okay, so that is what is on the schedule for the rest of February & March! The year is flying by, y'all!

I am loving Sara Barreilles right now. Have you heard her music? She is really good. She writes her own music & the lyrics are great. This song is currently stuck in my head (not a bad thing, it's a fun song!). I had to use google to see what inspired the song. Apparently it's a general statement to all of those who have given her unsolicited advice. I hate unsolicited advice! So i love this song.

Sheri posted some marriage dont's & i thought they were just great! Check it out!

The Pioneer Woman is doing a photo contest & the subject is love. Have you seen the finalists? Ohmygosh. How can you possibly choose?!

Well, i guess that's enough random for now!


Patti said...

You crack me up, you are SO into planning and your calendar like I am. Sometimes I'll run through the next couple of weeks with Brett and he gets this glazed over look in his eyes and I just stop. :)

Good for you for doing the walk today!! I am feeling SO lazy lately, excited for some walks in Hawaii. SERIOUSLY hoping my nausea disappears there.


Rebekah said...

It could be that your shoes aren't fitting properly. Not sure though. Whenever I walk/run/workout, my hands swell. I've learned that I can't wear my ring at all when I do workout!