Saturday, February 19, 2011

right off the top of my head...

I am kind of bored & i really have nothing better to do...actually, i have plenty better to do now that i think about it. :) But i will save that for tomorrow. I feel like taking it easy tonight! :)

just stuff...

Today i did Race for the Cure. It was fun. It was hotter than it has been in awhile. My husband has a sunburn on the back of his neck! I have a mild one across my nose & cheeks. My calves & legs are sore! 
Two Questions. 
1. I have two blisters on my feet. Does that mean my Nike's are old & need replacing? Or is that just normal? I did not get blisters at my last 5k (last May, same shoes). 

2. At the beginning of our walk, i noticed my fingers were SO swollen. They were FAT. I actually took a picture of my hand, because they were both just crazy-swollen. I will spare you the pic, but why is that? Was it the humidity? Dehydration (though i drink plenty of water, i had only had a little that early in the morning)? I don't know what that means. Brad's were swollen too! We'd been standing around for almost 2 hours before the race actually started...

today at the race, LSU

Tonight i was supposed to have a Mary Kay party. I usually do not have these kinds of parties, but i really wanted to help my sister-in-law out! I invited 30 or so good friends & most of them declined. They all had good reasons. A few said maybe. Two said yes, but both of them backed out. So the party was canceled. I remember now why i don't have these parties! Hey, if you're in BR & want a one-on-one facial, let me know! That would help my sis-in-law out so much with her "30 Faces in 30 Days", which she needs done by the 28th!

My birthday is almost here! I'll be 33 & i do not feel 33 at ALL. People do not believe i am 30, much less 33! Holy crap. I have been told the 30's are the best years & i would have to agree. I realized recently that i am always excited to see what we have on the calendar. I'm always looking ahead to what i get to do next! I realized i really like experiencing life with my husband. And i love his family.And i have so many great friends! Good times!

I love down time, too, don't get me wrong! But i have lots to look forward to right now!

Things currently on my calendar that i am excited about!

Tomorrow (20) - Tomorrow we are going to a catholic church. No, we're not looking for a new church! We are happy where we are! But in the newspaper recently they had an article about a new custom-made pipe organ that was being donated to St. Aloysius Catholic Church. Brad's mom saved the article for Brad, because that kind of stuff is right up his alley.Well, later i got a facebook invite to the organ dedication service at this church! My friend Beth goes there & she invited us. I asked Brad if he wants to go & he said yes. We're going tomorrow with his mom. It's only an hour long. There will be another one on the 26th, so we may go back. (P.S. I have only been to a catholic church once in my life!)

Friday (25) - dinner with in-laws for my MIL's birthday.
Saturday (26) - all day shopping in New Orleans for bridesmaid's dresses for my sister's wedding.
Sunday (27) - going on a picnic to LSU with some girlfriends of mine! :)

Wednesday (2) - my birthday!
Saturday (5) - we'll probably do something for my birthday. :) 
Sunday (13) - granny's 80th birthday celebration!! (brad's granny, that is. but i call her granny, too.)
Sunday & Monday (20 & 21) - auditions for It Runs in the Family, which is a comedy at BRLT that am stage managing. I have not SM'd a show since JUNE! I'm ready!! 
Friday (25) - the Portland Cello Project - you may not know this about me. But i LOVE the cello. I just LOVE IT. I saw "the portland cello project" on the Manship schedule & showed Brad. We are going! I can't wait! It should be a fantastic date night! : )

Okay, so that is what is on the schedule for the rest of February & March! The year is flying by, y'all!

I am loving Sara Barreilles right now. Have you heard her music? She is really good. She writes her own music & the lyrics are great. This song is currently stuck in my head (not a bad thing, it's a fun song!). I had to use google to see what inspired the song. Apparently it's a general statement to all of those who have given her unsolicited advice. I hate unsolicited advice! So i love this song.

Sheri posted some marriage dont's & i thought they were just great! Check it out!

The Pioneer Woman is doing a photo contest & the subject is love. Have you seen the finalists? Ohmygosh. How can you possibly choose?!

Well, i guess that's enough random for now!


  1. You crack me up, you are SO into planning and your calendar like I am. Sometimes I'll run through the next couple of weeks with Brett and he gets this glazed over look in his eyes and I just stop. :)

    Good for you for doing the walk today!! I am feeling SO lazy lately, excited for some walks in Hawaii. SERIOUSLY hoping my nausea disappears there.


  2. It could be that your shoes aren't fitting properly. Not sure though. Whenever I walk/run/workout, my hands swell. I've learned that I can't wear my ring at all when I do workout!


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