Sunday, February 6, 2011

You are God Alone

This morning we sang a song in church that i LOVED. You may know it. I assumed it was Hillsongs, but when i looked it up, i saw it was Philips Craig & Dean. Wow! Haven't listened to them in years! But i just love this song. I think I have actually heard it before, but it's been so long i had forgotten. Powerful lyrics!

Our pastor's son, Benjamin, has been in Cairo, Egypt this past week. He has escaped & is now in Lebanon. Thank God! If you don't know what's going on in Egypt, then you must not watch the news. But there is major trouble over there! Anderson Cooper was punched in the face! Ben is only 21 or 22 (hard for me to say because i taught him sunday school when he was just 11!). Anyway, he escaped. God helped him. He saw someone murdered to his right, & kept running. He saw someone shot to his left, and kept running. SOMEHOW (& thanks be to God) he made it to Middle East Airlines & they put him on a flight to Beruit. We are so thankful! 

His facebook status on Thursday: "Ben is alive. Was in Tahrir Square last night. Cairo is chaos. Chased by a mob, life saved by 2 Egyptians boys. Gunfire, rocks, molatovs - but God is God: what can man do?"

His facebook status on Friday:  "Ben is safely in Beirut. More miracles than I can count: detained by the Egyptian army, grabbed 4 times by gangs on the Nile bridges, got put on Irish TV and radio (woot!) and got a bed to sleep in in return. Was allowed on the German evacuation buses to the airport, and Middle East Air put me on a flight to Beirut. A (genuine) thank you to everyone who prayed - God protected me every step of the way."

AWESOME! Please pray for Ben as he makes his way home! He has been in various places for several months, spreading the love of Jesus. He is an awesome guy, full of passion & zeal & am excited to hear him speak when he returns! (I'm assuming it's okay to post all of this, as it is all over his facebook!) :)

[Verse 1]
You are not a God created
by human hands
You are not a God dependant
on any mortal man
You are not a God in need of
anything we can give
By your plan, that's just the way it is

You are God alone
From before time began
You were on the throne
You are God alone
And right now 
In the good times and bad
You are on your throne
You are God alone

[Verse 2]
You're the only God whose
power none can contend
You're the only God whose
name and praise will never end
You're the only God who's
worthy of everything we can give
You are God 
And that's just the way it is

That's what You are

After the worship service, our pastor updated us on Ben. How they prayed through the night for his safety & how God got him out of there, miraculously! Pastor Terry said to come forward if any of us needed a miracle & we would pray for these needs. SO MANY went forward. I looked around & even went up to pray for others. I saw so many needs up there & the worship team was playing this song.

I started thinking of people i know going through hard times. My friend Sarah's stepdad, Mr.Richard, is having major heart problems right now. I know this has to be very hard on him, and on Sarah & her mom. I found out a dear friend of mine (a role model in my life) has Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is doing well, is in good spirits, but still, she has four kids & is dealing with chemo. I think of my friends who have lost someone close to them in just the last year... I think of friends who have had marriage problems or infertility troubles. I think of my great uncle whose health is failing him. I think of friends who need financial miracles. SO MANY NEEDS. 

But i know God is God. That he alone can do miracles in our lives!! And i just want to sing that song all day long. :) If you need an answer to prayer, feel free to email me (there's a link to my email in the sidebar) or  leave it in the comments. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU. And i mean that. 



  1. Wow, that is so wonderful that he was able to leave! It hurts my heart with everything going on over there. I haven't heard that song in forever, but I love it!

  2. WOW!!! Awesome! Amazing! This story brought tears to my eyes because GOD IS SOOO GOOD! Holy cow! What a story this young man now has! Amazing. Simply amazing.

  3. Whoa that must be scary! That truly is a miracle that he escaped! So weird to think that things like this happen today.. I love that song! God is Good!


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