Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday dinner with the fam.

I know... I had an awesome birthday on Wednesday. Was there really any need for more celebration?! Well, yes...of course there was! Haha. Our families like to get together to celebrate each other's birthdays. We usually just have dinner at someone's house or go out to eat. So we had been planning to get together for my birthday on Saturday (yesterday).

It was kinda crazy. Originally we were going to have lunch & cake at my parent's house. But my dad has been sick, so we weren't sure if that would work out. We finally set the time for one o'clock but at a restaurant. Dad was still sick, so no going to their house! But on Friday mom though he was feeling much better. She wanted to change it to three, so she could have time to clean the house (& get it germ-free!). So then it was at a restaurant but we'd be going back to my parent's for cake!! 

On Saturday, though, there were major thunderstorms all day! And tornado warnings in our parish! Craziness! We ended up rescheduling again to 4:30, since all the bad weather was supposed to be gone by then! I was more than okay with that, since 3 is kinda early for dinner! But dad was feeling awful again! So no going to their house again! Poor dad! (He never gets sick!) Michelle & Mike were also unable to come, as all that bad weather was headed right for them & they didn't really want to travel in that mess. 

So we had dinner at 4:30 at Chimes East. It was just me, brad, my mom, & my in-laws. Small but sweet. We had a good time together. Mom brought me the requested cake....white almond cake from Baum's. Oh, dear. It was delish!

The food was so good. I hadn't been to Chimes in awhile, and it was wonderful. I had the crawfish etouffee. I never order that, but man, it hit the spot! Mom got the potato soup. Mmmm. The bread was to die for! It's a good thing they didn't bring us a whole basket of it!

 my crawfish etouffee

mom's potato soup

I don't know why i only took a pic of our food! Brad got the fried shrimp platter, Jaimie got the red beans & rice, Mrs. Cheryl got the Shrimp & Corn Soup, and Mr. Stan got a blackened chicken sandwich! Just in case you were wondering! It was all wonderful! And our waitress was too cute! Jaimie offered her a piece of cake &  i think she was just delighted! :) She was a sweetheart.

 me & my sweet hubby

 me & my mom! 

my father-in-law :)

 my mom&sis-in-law! Love how they are posed the same way!


We had a great time together! I got some mula from my parents & a gift card to CATO (great clothing store) from my in-laws! YAY! My sister-in-law got me this cute mug. I love it!

Love the design on the inside!

After dinner, Brad & I went to Barnes & Noble. I got the novel, "Magdalene" by Angela Hunt. Y'all. So good already. I can't put it down! I also got a prayer journal. :)

Had a wonderful birthday week!

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  1. What a fun time! That's awful about tornadoes, but at least you still got together! YUM, that cake looks good!


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