Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bloggie Bible Study - Chapter 5

On to Chapter 5 of BBS! I am really enjoying this book! :) This chapter was challenging to me, because i never really think about serving my husband. I don't mean that in a bad way... we get along wonderfully & we're definitely a team. But when i really think about it... he serves me ALL the time. He is always doing things for me, to make my life easier. I could seriously make a list for you. I think i will.

He always pours hot water in my coffee cup so my coffee won't get cold quickly. (A trait i made fun of when we were first married until i realized my coffee always got cold a lot sooner than his!!)

He always bring me advil and some water if i have a headache or something.

He always brings me whatever i want to drink if i want something.

He DRIES MY HAIR FOR ME! This is a big one. I HATE drying my hair. HATE IT! I used to complain about it all the time & one day he just did it for me. And he didn't hate it! And now, he does it for me at least once a week, but sometimes 2 or 3 times! Any day he isn't working, he will do it for me. This is a huge help to me because i HATE doing it myself, it takes forever. HAHA!

He takes Fievel out at night. He could ask me to do it or i could just do it myself but he just does it. (And we have to pick up the dog's crap. So seriously... HUGE FAVOR!)

He takes him out in the morning, too, usually (sometimes i do it, though).

He feeds the dog every morning (i usually do in the evenings).

He helps me unload the dishwasher if i ask him to.

I know there are more things he does for me, but i'm pretty sure you get the picture. :) And what do i do for him? Well, i definitely do things for him! But not like he does for me. He may disagree, I'm not sure.

ANYWAY. I liked this chapter. A lot.

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What meant the most to you from this chapter? What challenged you or inspired you?
Well, i was really challenged & inspired by the idea to ask myself the question - "Am i helping or hindering?" I am not a nagger, but i do want certain things that Brad can do nothing about right now. i want a house, i wish we didn't have carpet, etc. I think i mention these things more than i should! And i think that is a hindrance.

Make a commitment to help your husband.
I commit to begin asking Brad how i can help him. The trouble with this is, when i have asked him this in the past (and i have!) he's said, "no, i'm good!" He never has anything for me to do. I mean, he won't even LET me do things that i offer to do for him. But there are still things i can do for him even if he says no. I can think of things right now that i know would be helpful to him, even if he doesn't think of it when i ask. :) 

Ask of your actions, will this help or my husband?
I definitely am going to start doing this! I do not want to be someone who hinders her husband. I would really like to begin to be his helper in so many ways. There are things he likes to do on his own, but i think keeping the house clean & in order, cooking for him more often, & maybe fixing lunches for him would all be very helpful to him!

Do you see yourself as a team player, free of any competitive actions thoughts or desires?
Yes, absolutely.

Is your husband your primary career?
No, not really. He IS the most important person in my life! But we both have full-time jobs & it seems like it is hard to put 100% of my focus on what his needs are. I do focus on myself at times. I answered yes to the above question because we ARE a team & there is not a competitive bone in my body. :) But i still wouldn't say he is my career. I am praying that i will one day be able to quit my job & when i do, i will be able to focus on his needs a lot more than i do right now! But i do understand there are things i can do now to be a better helper to him. :)

Is helping your husband your heart's primary concern and the main focus of your energy?
He is most important in my life. And i care about his needs first. BUT, no, i don't think HELPING HIM has been my primary concern. This book helped me to see how important that is. I do not think i have thought about it that way until now.

Have you committed your life and heart to following God's plan for you, His plan that you help & not hinder your husband?
Yes. I have struggled with this and still do in certain areas. But i never saw before that certain attitudes i've had are a hindrance. I definitely want to be his Helpmate. :)

This was a great chapter! I really enjoyed it & was challenged! I am loving this book, because every chapter seems to help me see things in a different light.


  1. This chapter challenged me as well, definately in a good way. This book is awesome, I take so much from each chapter! Thanks so much for linking up:)

  2. I loved this chapter. I realized some things that I need to improve on!

  3. Holy Moly - he dries your hair?! That is pure love! My husband would laugh if I asked him to!! Hahahah! Agree with you on the chapter and book - it's so great!

  4. Mike has been brushing my hair every night. It's not that it NEEDS brushed... I just like it. :)

    Is Brad's love language acts of service? I think that is Mike's. He does all kinds of things like you listed above. And I think that is why serving is so much harder for me. I WANT to serve him but it is not my love language and does not come easily. I have to really TRY.

  5. I would NOT like to see what happened if my husband dried my hair!!

    Great post! I love how much this book seems to be teaching us all.


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