Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bloggie Bible Study - Chapter 7

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So it's another crazy week - plus, i have not been feeling well - & i almost missed another bbs! I read it in plenty of time! But i almost didn't get the post up! Argh! I'm not so good at this, y'all. 

But! I did read it & i even caught up from last week. Yay.

This was a great chapter, being reminded to LOVE WELL. And...here we go!

BBS/Chapter 7 - A Heart that Loves

1. What meant the most to you from this chapter - challenged you greatly or inspired you deeply?
Just being reminded that loving Brad is my number one priority. That my relationship with him is more important than any other relationship i have (after my relationship with God).

2. As you look back over the last few weeks, how is what you're learning about helping, respecting, & following your husband affecting your marriage?
It has helped a lot, but it can be so easy to forget all about what I've read very quickly. I bought a prayer journal after we read about praying for our husbands, but after about 3 days of writing in it, i stopped! Total forgetfulness on my part, but i just want that to be so ingrained in me...to pray for my husband. I do think more about how i can help him, and submission has not been too difficult so far! But i really need to continue to pray for him, daily. 

Pray for your husband daily & Plan for your husband daily!

Oh, yes, this was good stuff! As i have said, i do not pray for my man enough & i know that needs to be a priority! I also need to "plan" for him...making him my #1! So many times i get busy with my own priorities. Brad & I are about to enter a crazy season, where we will both be spending a LOT of time doing what we love...me, theatre & brad, music. This is okay, once in awhile. He has been asked to do a music project, which is due at the end of April. He is going to be working hard in the studio every spare minute! I have not done a show since June, so i offered to stage manage an upcoming production. I am very excited because this is my passion...however, i always miss Brad TERRIBLY when i do a show. I'm glad these two things are happening at the same time. But even during this crazy busy season that is coming up, we can still make time for each other & i can still plan to do things for & with my husband. I do not want to neglect him!

We do have a date night planned this Friday & i am excited! :)

Great chapter in this book! I really enjoyed it & look forward to continuing to read about loving my husband well. :)


  1. This is some good stuff! I totally feel convicted about praying more for my husband. I don't do it nearly enough! For me in my heart Kareem is #1 after God, but my actions don't always let him know that.

    This week has been a real eye opener for me about my selfish ways and not being grateful for all the things my husband does for me. I am so glad you posted this so I had a chance to read it!!!!!!!

  2. This is great. I am going to have to get this book.

  3. Ok... I had to stop in the middle of reading this and pray haha. I bought a journal to use for prayer as well and I don't use it every day. It's pretty hit and miss. But I do still try to pray every day... even if it happens as I am laying in bed at night. I usually pray myself to sleep. Which is kind of cook because whenever I wake in the middle of the night I remember that the last thing I was doing was praying and I pick up where I left off until I fall asleep again.

    But I've been liking the prayer journal. I write prayers on the left page and leave the right page blank so that when prayers are answered I can write that in there oposite the prayer request.

    And right now Liza is in her room singing along with a cd... the song says "Jesus I love your name." I love hearing her sing that! And it has absolutely nothing to do with your post or comment but I thought I'd share hahaha.


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