Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bloggie Bible Study - Week 4

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*i started this post yesterday & then somehow had to save it & forgot to finish it later! so i'm late again...oops. :( *

This was an awesome chapter in the book, A Woman After God's Own Heart. I am loving this book. I love how the author explains everything & shares her own stories. This week was on A Heart That Obeys. I needed to hear it. I have never strayed from my beliefs (other than a brief period of doubts several years ago, but even then i still believed, i just had questions/issues), but i have found myself distracted & not as tenderhearted about the things of God as I used to be. This book is really helping me find my way back to the woman I know God has created me to be! Thanks, Rebekah & Monica, for hosting this Bible Study! 

BBS Chapter 4
A Heart That Obeys
i'm not answering all the question. in case you think i skipped some. that's just how i roll. :)

What meant the most to you from this chapter for offered you the greatest challenge or inspired you deeply? To STOP immediately when involved in anything that doesn't please God. Even just an attitude. As soon as i realize it's not a godly attitude, just drop it. 

What was Samuel's assessment of Saul's disobedience & what was the result? To obey is better than sacrifice. Because you have rejected God, He has rejected you. (YIKES!) 

Can you think of situations where you are making excuses about your disobedience?  Or blaming someone else?  Or obeying God only halfway? Definitely.  This is from the past, but I remember in my teen years i had a bit of a problem with lying. I would make things right with God as far as repenting & not doing it again, but i refused to tell the person what i said was untrue...i just couldn't do it & knew God wanted me to. However, that did help me to stop lying! Knowing that God would convict me to apologize to that person! Got me to tell the truth right away! I know there are things like this in my life now & i am asking God to reveal them to me. 

What warning does James 4:17 give? Anytime you know what you should do, but don't... you are sinning.

What is the instruction of Proverbs 16:17? You must guard your life & walk uprightly & then you will be able to avoid evil.

What kind of heart attitudes & behaviors do you need to prune from your life (behaviors that hinder a growing heart of obedience)? Anger. It's not that i am an angry person in general, but certain things just make me lose my temper!! I do not want to respond in anger in any situation! Especially the things i tend to get angry about...it's not anything that warrants the anger (& sometimes bad language) that comes out of me! Haha. Most of the time my anger stems from impatience... so i guess i could work on that, too! :)

List heart attitudes & behaviors that enrich your life as a Christian. Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness & Patience. What one or two areas would you like to cultivate? Definitely patience! Haha. I need that one most. But i also definitely want to cultivate all of these traits in my life!

This was an awesome chapter & i have noticed myself (1) praying a LOT more (from last chapter) & (2) stopping myself mid-(bad)behavior. I think that is awesome & i am thankful to be joining in this study.


  1. I LOVE this post!

  2. I was so convicted through this chapter. I really need to work on my patience! I am NOT a patient person!

  3. Hooray for progress! I've been making changes too and it's good. At first I thought I would be annoyed with how slow this Bible study was going to go but I've decided it's a really good thing because it will keep the changes I am making in the front of my mind for a longer time which means I am more likely to change the bad habits and actually form new, good ones. :)


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