Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can you do me a favor?!

Okay, so this is my friend Shelley. 

I know. She's gorgeous. :) {spaceless photography}

She is a total sweetheart with an incredible voice. She was recently in RENT at the local theatre & my blunt friend Britt could not understand WHY she is in BR & not NYC. Seriously. She's amazing.

She now is in a contest & if she wins, she will receive roundtrip airfare & a hotel stay in NYC to audition for the off-Broadway production of RENT. She deserves this! She needs this! She really really wants this! So can you do me a favor & click on this link & vote for her???

2.) Click on Shelley's video (#2). 
3) Rate it a 5!
4) Do not rank anyone else's video (ESPECIALLY #1) because it will count as a VOTE for them!
5) Vote from different computers & phones if you have access to them! :)
6) Share with your friends!!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! She has been winning through the entire thing, but overnight last night the other girl started winning by a little over a hundred votes. We are closing in, slowly but surely! So please vote for Shelley Regner! And one day you may say, "I helped that star get to NYC!" For real!

P.S. if you already voted &/or are tired of my posts on FB, no worries! Contest ends tonight at midnight! But today i gotta help a sister out!

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