Sunday, March 27, 2011

Date Night, continued...

Friday night's date... I know i blogged about the artist we went to see, but i wanted to give that it's own blog post (plus, if i had combined the two, it would have been a REALLY long post!). So here's the beginning part of our date! 

We decided to eat at Capital City Grill, because...well, it's about 15 feet from the Manship Theatre. Haha. And it's one of my very favorite restaurants. It was beautiful weather, so we ate outside.

 From our table...that's the building where the Manship Theatre is located. And that mansion across is the old state capitol. 

 Brad's amazing-looking burger & fries! They have the best fries. I did eat about 4 of them, i admit! Look at how he avoided the healthy items on his plate! Gosh, must be nice!! ;) 

 My delicious salad...they do have the best salads! Tomatoes & cucumbers diced to perfection! Mmmm. Only...there seems to be a fry on my salad! Wonder who put that there!? ;)

So the Shaw Center has these awesome fountains out front. Lots of photographers love to use them as backgrounds for pics (in fact, mine was very disappointed that they were broken when we had our engagement shoot downtown!). I have seen people taking pics there & kids playing in it! But i have never seen a DOG playing in it! This dog was too cute. He was THOROUGHLY enjoying those fountains! When the water would disappear he would just pace the area. And when they came up a little bit, he would BITE at the water! HAHA. His owner was worked on training him too...he'd make him lay down & stay & he'd take off his leash & make him stay. The dog obeyed his every command. It was super cute. Everyone was stopping to watch. Enjoy!

Happiest Dog EVER! Haha.

We had a good time enjoying our food & people watching. I love people watching & it seems i do it the most in restaurants. i always want to know what they're doing, the relationship of the people they're with, and what they do for a living haha. There was a cute couple that came & the girl was prego & SO CUTE! There was this man by himself drinking beer & handwriting something in a table of paper. Pages & pages. With a goofy grin. I actually snuck a picture of him, but didn't post it haha. I kept saying, "what do you think he's writing? A letter? Or a novel? I'm leaning towards novel. He LOOKED like a writer. And he kept looking around...people-watching, too, it seemed like. Brad says we may be characters in his next book. HAHA. We also heard a man blare his horn & yell, "this is not a parkinglot!" as a woman stopped on lafayette street to drop off someone! RUDE! He's right...it's not a parkinglot...& the people did take a bit too long to get out & get out the way! But still...he went a little too ballistic! When Portland Cello Project said how nice everyone is in Baton Rouge, Brad whispered, "guess they didn't hear that guy blaring his horn!" Haha. 

 does he not have beautiful eyes?! I love them.

 LSU Museum of Art (inside the Shaw Center as well as the Manship).

 Cute smile, too! 


After dinner we went to the performance of Portland Cello Project. It was weird being there & sitting in a seat & enjoying a show! Weird in a good way! Haha. We had the best time & Portland Cello Project is AMAZING. I REALLY wanted a pic of them with their cellos but you can't take pics with a flash in the theatre (& i couldn't get a good one w/o my flash in the dark!) & they didn't bring their cellos out to the lobby after! Oh-well. :)

Great date night!

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  1. Those fries on your salad could be curtesy of Pittsburgh. :-) We do that here, although if you were in Pittsburgh, there'd be A LOT more on there. Haha!


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