Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Meme, numero dos!

Man, i've done a lot of blogging tonight! And i'm not even done! I have two other posts in mind! Haha! i was unable to blog ALL WEEK because work has been INSANE. So here it is Friday, and well... i've posted a lot tonight. I'd say i've made up for my lack of blogging this week! Anyway, one more for the night & i'm done! I like to fill in the blanks! :)

1. The best deal i've ever gotten is...uhhh...wow...nothing comes to mind. I'm so NOT a bargain hunter (i look for sales but i do not like bargain hunting. It kind of has to advertise itself!). I know i have found some great bargains but i'd never be able to think of one now. Not the kind of thing i'd remember after a week or so...

2. If i were hosting a dinner party & could invite people from my fantasy guest list, i would invite my best bloggie girlfriends, Beth Moore & Kari Jobe. Ooh, and Angela Thomas. Wouldn't that be fantastic? I'm sure you were thinking celebrity, but really? I mean, i love looking at their gorgeous faces & reading their interviews & watching their movies, but when i think dinner party, the most fun thing that comes to mind is to finally have a dinner with some of you that i haven't met yet in person & to have beth, kari & angela meet us, too. Haha! The bloggie friends would have to include laura, rebekah, nicole, patti, lindsey, krystal & sarah. I'd have to invite some of my real-life BFF's too. Oooh, it sounds lovely! Haha!

3. Something that inspires me is someone who is always positive. NOT fake let's-put-on-a-mask-and-pretend-life-is-perfect positive! Not someone who doesn't allow you to vent or be honest about your life. But someone who stays smiling no matter the circumstance. Someone who keeps a great attitude through it all. Someone who encourages others when they are the ones facing the major trials. My friend Becca is like this & she SO inspires me. I am also always inspired by talented artists, athletes, musicians & dancers.

4. If i could only choose to eat one flavor of food (sweet, salty, spicy, bitter) for the rest of my life, i would have to go with salty, though i would miss sweets! But i definitely crave salty stuff more than sweets!

5. I dream about our future family, what kind of mom i will be, what kind of dad brad will be, what our kids will look like, when they will get to know Jesus, if they will be a musician like daddy, a theatre-lover like mama, or an athlete like both of their aunts! I wonder when we will be able to get a house that has enough room for all of us, with tons of storage space & a big backyard for the kids to play in. I dream of vacations together too. These are the things i dream about. :)

6. My weekend will be spent having dinner with some friends of ours, going to church & stage managing the first round of auditions for It Runs in the Family at the community theatre. Will also attend bootcamp on Saturday & hopefully get some grocery shopping done.

7. If i could only watch one TV show or movie for the rest of my life, it would be The Big Bang Theory. I mean, it's just hilarious, i never get tired of it. & i'm currently having withdrawals because we are now officially caught up after starting with Season 1 on Netflix. Now we gotta wait till the current season is done & comes out on DVD. :)

Your turn! Happy weekend!


  1. A dinner party would be so much fun! Someday, I promise!

  2. I never watched the Big Bang theory but I keep hearing it's a good show. I might have to Hulul it.

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