Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Tidbits

Whew! I am so very excited it's the weekend! Wow. This week was CRAZY!! But good. I feel like after a mini-meltdown on Wednesday that i really started to get a LOT accomplished. Very productive week, although i still have lots to do. But that's next week. It's the weekend now! I am not going to even think about work for the next 2 days!! (I'm really good at that... i do not take my work home, that's for sure!)

ANYWAY. Just felt like doing a post in bullet form. Patti did & i always enjoy reading posts like that. I don't know why, but i do! So...here we go!

  •  I am LOVING my new laptop. I haven't talked much about it, have I? Well, i finally had to get a new computer. Been saving for awhile now & finally had enough. Just in time, too, because i could no longer even close my other laptop. That was the least of the problems, too. I got a new laptop from Dell. It's black & i like it. A lot. I also found that i love Windows 7. My old laptop was Windows XP. I had heard complaints about Windows 7 so i wasn't sure if i would like it, but i LOVE IT.
  • Speaking of new laptop. I am OBSESSED & IN LOVE WITH my screen saver. Seriously, when it comes on i don't want to touch my computer because it will go away! I love it so much i took a screen shot to show you. This is just one of the screen savers that came with it, but i didn't have it on my old laptop.

Click the pic to see it larger. I mean, seriously...if you have Windows 7, activate this screen saver & see it for yourself. i'm in LOVE!! :)

On to more exciting news... (since i know you cannot believe i just blogged about a screen saver!)

  • I saw Guys & Dolls at BRLT last night. It was FANTASTIC! Perfectly cast! I loved it! We all did. My friend Lauren played Miss Adelaide & OHMYGOSH, that girl was born for that role! My friend Talia was Miss Sarah Brown & she was very very good! Beautiful voice, as usual. My good friends Danielle & Lauren H were hot box girls...so cute!!! The whole cast was spot on! I loved it. If you're in Baton Rouge, you should totally go see this one! I want to see it again! 
  • My ankles are ridiculously swollen again. This is normally something i'd talk about on my weightloss blog, just because it seems related, ya know? But it's so consuming my thoughts right now that i have to mention it here. They hurt now. Before they were just swollen, now they're in pain. Not horrible, but just achy. They're so swollen i have CREASES in the top. Puffy feet. I told brad "the ONE skinny part of my body is now FAT!" Seriously, my ankles aren't normally fat. No i do not have too much sodium, yes i constantly drink water (90 ounces a day) & yes, i go to pee regularly. I guess it's poor circulation or something. Going to the doctor on the 28th anyway. Will ask him then. But for now, i'm off my feet & hubby is waiting on me. :)
L to R. back row(ish): james, naima, jacob, thia, karen, stefano & lauren. front row(ish): paul, ashton, pia, casey, haley & scotty.
  • Karen went home on Idol. I am so glad. I was not impressed with her at all. My bottom three last week were Stefano, Karen & Ashton. The actual bottom 3 were Haley, Karen & Ashton (right? i didn't actually watch the results, but that's what i think i remember reading). Ashton went home & she was my least favorite. This week, my bottom 3 were Karen, Haley & Paul (sorry, i know paul is cute & funny, but i HATED his singing this week & i thought it was weird last week). Instead, the bottom three were Naima, Haley & Karen. I'm SO GLAD Karen is the one to go. I think Naima & Haley deserve to stay a little longer. Who do you think will win? I hope it's Pia. Or Casey. I like several of the others, too. This was the first week i liked Stefano. Perfect song choice. But really...Pia is unbelievable. And Casey. LOVE! {Btw, i felt SO OLD this week when they sang songs from the year they were born! I used to be the same age as the contestants on idol! Not anymore! HAHA!}
  • I won a giveaway on Rebekah's blog! A little shopping spree at CSN! I have NO CLUE what i will get. They have EVERYTHING! i will look & pick something this weekend, hopefully! :) Thanks, Rebekah & CSN!
  • I'm so excited my bloggie friend Nicole had her baby boy this week! March 17th, which is also her birthday! HA! i hope she had an easy labor just because it was her birthday haha. Okay, i'd hope that for any friend, no matter what day it was! But you know what i mean. Welcome to the world, Haden Carter! And happy birthday, mom & baby! :)
  • Tomorrow is bootcamp at 9 (i get to sleep in...usually it's at 8!) & dinner at a friend's house with 3 other couple's tomorrow evening! Yay! :) 
  • Well, after a break of 8 MONTHS (woah!), i am getting back into the community theatre scene. I so miss the people there. And i miss stage managing. I will be SM'ing It Runs in the Family & i'm looking forward to it. I'm kind of scared... i think being off for so long got me very VERY used to having nights off... now i'll be going to work 8 hours & then going to the theatre for 3-4 hours after that (& hitting the gym or bootcamp in between!). It'll be crazy. But it's only for April. May is mostly actual performances, which means Monday - Wednesday OFF. :)  So April will be hard, but it's okay...Brad will be working on a music project the whole month anyway! Auditions for It Runs in the Family are THIS sunday & monday, woohoo! I always enjoy auditions (when i'm not auditioning! Ha!).
    I feel like i had so much else to say! As soon as i give up & hit post, another few things will hit me! Ack! Oh-well! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

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