Tuesday, March 1, 2011

when i grow up...

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1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
When i was little, i always said i wanted to be either a pediatrician or an actress. I loved acting as a child, and i guess i loved the idea of working with kids & helping them to feel better! However, at some point i realized that the pediatrician thing would take a lot of schooling and a LOT of science & math! So my mind quickly changed!

2. Did you go to school or get training to become that? If not, what did you go to school/get training for?
Nope. The science & math thing kind of ruled out being a pediatrician. I was over that idea long before college, haha. I struggled a lot in school, especially college. I went to the community college & then LSU with a major in Secondary Education with English as my concentration. I later changed my major to English with a creative writing concentration. I changed it again to Social Work, before i finally quit college. If science was not a required course, i may have actually finished. No lie! (When i say i struggled, i am not kidding. I was actually on Academic Probation.)

I have gotten tons of training in the community theatres as an actor & stage manager. I absolutely love it. When i was 29, i was looking into acting schools in NYC & other places. I just wanted to learn more & was considering it as a professional career. (I had one paid acting job & it was awesome. To do that as a career?! A dream!) But that's when Brad came into my life. And suddenly theatre took a backseat. I knew even before Brad that if i were to meet the love of my life, then i could drop the acting dream in a heartbeat, because my biggest dream was to marry the one God had for me & one day be a mother. I have never regretted this, not for a second!

3. Are you currently using your degree/training now?
Well, as i said, i didn't finish college. I work in an office & started as receptionist & kinda worked my way up. I am now "provider relations specialist" which is a challenging job, but i like it for the most part. Our company is non-profit & we help the elderly & disabled get Long Term Care in their homes. I mainly work with the provider companies that actually provide the care. It's a lot more detailed than that, but i don't want to bore you! My coworkers are great. And we're about to move offices! WOOHOO!

4. If you could do it all over again, would you do it the same? Or would you do something different?
I definitely would have done it differently. I am finally to a place where i am liking my job more, but it is still by no means a dream job. I would much rather be teaching or working for a theatre company! School was hard, REALLY hard. It makes me sad that i'm paying student loans on a degree i didn't get & that i have a jillion credits but none that point to a specific degree. (Actually i was over it now. So, um...thanks for bringing that up. (jk!)) Anyway, I'm not willing to go back. Not at this time, anyway. I wish i had either GONE to college & FINISHED in a decent amount of time... OR not gone at all & started working & saving money. That way i would either make more money (i would love to be a teacher & they make a lot more than i do, believe it or not!) or i would not have student loan debt. Instead i wasted a WHOLE LOT of time & money. Grrr... College was a fun experience in many ways... i enjoyed going to english, speech, political science & psychology classes. But man. Science & Math killed me!

But things have a way of working out. I'm 33 now (tomorrow). I am married to the BEST GUY EVER. We have so much fun together, sometimes laughing until we can't breathe. We enjoy being with each other. I have a great job & still get some time to work at the theatre. And my days of mommyhood are hopefully not too far away! Life is good. And i have a feeling it's only gonna get better. :)

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  1. hey mel! its jessica....want to follow my blog? meg said i should tell you that i have one....its www.jessicathinkspink.blogspot.com :) miss you!

  2. mmmm.... our answers are kind of similar, atleast about the boy part :) Funny how boys have that affect on us!

  3. When you move offices will you finally get a bigger office AWAY from the copy area??? My fingers are crossed that you do!!!

  4. I think tons of people spend money on college and feel that they wasted it all (as well as their time) in the end.


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