Sunday, March 20, 2011

good food & good friends!

We had an excellent time last night at my friend Becca's house. Becca made chicken tortilla soup, I brought chips & a delicious queso dip, Adam made a jalepeno bread, and Melanie, Becca's sister, made a beautiful salad. Oooh, and there were brownies as well. We played Apples to Apples and Taboo, too! Been awhile since i've played those games; we had a great time! I got my baby fix, too. Melanie's son, Jameson, was there & he was a pretty cool easygoing little guy! I never heard him cry & he entertains himself quite well for a four-month old!

I'm pretty sure my non-stop picture taking was bordering on obnoxious....yeahhhh, sorry 'bout that! :) But i got some good pics. Fun times!

Beautiful colorful salad! Great job, Melanie!

 Sisters Becca & Mel :)

 Adam checking on his jalepeno bread (it was delish!).

 Sweet. (Becca & Mike)

 Cutie patootie Jameson! Such a happy baby!

 Adam & Katie...love them.

 Love my man!

 John (a new friend!) & Adam during Apples to Apples!

 Fun times!

 My winning cards. :)

 Love it.

 Hehe. I love this.

 So pretty!

We had a great time & i hope we do it again soon!
Love good friends!!

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  1. So fun! We love Apples to Apples! Oh, and I just had to tell you, my sister LOVES your blog. :)


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