Friday, March 18, 2011

Granny's Birthday Party

Last Sunday we went to Brad's Aunt Paula's house to celebrate his Granny's 80th birthday! I absolutely love this woman & we are all so very thankful to have her. Isn't she lookin' good at 80?! :)

sweet granny! 

We had such a good time. It was a GORGEOUS day. i took lots & lots of pictures. I'll try to refrain from posting all 40 zillion of them. :) But seriously...some of the cutest kids ever were there, there was lots of sunshine & laughter...& i couldn't help myself.

 March 13th was BEAUTIFUL!

 So cute...cousins Colton & Hollyn

 Kiersten & Jaimie

 Rylee & Matt

 Haha... i love this one of Brad & his sister, Jaimie.

 Shelly made Granny a beautiful quilt & it is just so sweet. It's a family tree with the wedding pictures of granny & her late husband, and all of her children with their spouses. Below is a picture of the whole thing. I love it! It's not finished actually...Shelly is being an indian giver & taking it back to finish haha! But it's a great start! Granny was truly surprised & touched. :)

 See, the picture at the bottom is a wedding pic of Granny & her late husband. The pictures on each of the four branches are Granny's kids. My in-laws, rod & bridget, paula & cliff, kathy & david (i think that's the right order?!). The acorns at the top represent the grandchildren, & shelly's not finished with that part. Love it!

 Megan &  Jaimie

 Jaimie taking the kids for a ride on "the mule"...so much fun!

 i found the hammock! Ahhhh. I did not want to get up! SO COZY!

 Zzzzz... :)

 my wonderful in-laws!

 Brad loved chasing those ducks. Silly boy!

 i love this one of rylee talking to brad. i don't even remember the conversation but it was too cute! love her expressions!

 Sweet Hollyn! She is a cutie patootie!

 Colton paused for about 1 second for me to snap his photo. :)

 Granny & her oldest son, sipping coffee on the porch. Good times.

i love this. so much. (i'm sure you can guess why!)

And my favorite picture of the day... 

Rylee was being kind of shy & sweet sitting next to me on the porch for a bit. I kept turning & snapping photos of her & she would giggle. At one point, she looked at me & gave me this gorgeous smile. I absolutely LOVE this girl, and her sisters (she is the middle of two sisters & mama is expecting Baby 4 in august!), and cannot get over how beautiful & silly & endearing they are. 

I really still have no idea what i'm doing with photography & i know even less about editing. I emailed my friend Laura the original to see how she would edit it & this is one of 4 that she sent back to me! I know how to brighten a picture a bit, but not much other than that! So i had to post the one Laura edited for me. :) Thanks, Laura!!

It was an absolutely wonderful day & i am so glad we got to celebrate with Granny. She has cancer so please be praying for her. She is doing well, but some days does not feel well at ALL. :( She is having a masectomy on March 23rd (Wednesday), so please be praying for her! Thank you!!

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  1. That quilt is a "make the receiver cry" kind of gift. The best kind.

    And that really is a great pic! I didn't do much to it all. You took a GREAT photo!


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