Thursday, March 17, 2011

i love my family.

Today is blog hop day over at Girl Talk. And seriously... if you are female & you haven't been to Girl Talk, you should hop on over there & check it out! It's just a blog for some girl time. :)

Anyway...today's theme for the blog hop is FAMILY. As in, "show us your family". And i know i am late, but i really wanted to play along. So here it is 11:30 & I am ready to play! Yeah, sorry about that. It's been insane.

Here we go... I'm going to use wedding pictures because i love them. :)

I love this picture. It was taken spontaneously in the church lobby right after the ceremony but before the wedding guests had exited the sanctuary. I consider us one big family (mine & my in-laws) just because our parents have been friends since their kids were 3 & under!

Left to Right: 
Mr Stan/father-in-law: This is a great man. I love that i get to be his daughter-in-law. He is hilarious, but he is also very kind. He takes care of me as if i were his own. He looks out for me & also for my car. :) Did i mention he's hilarious? He makes me laugh all the time!

Mrs. Cheryl/mother-in-law: I love her! She's so sweet & also very witty! She is the BEST cook & just a wonderful person. She always invites us for breakfast or dinner. She is generous & helpful.

Both of them are just the kind of people you can relax around, even if you barely know them. They are unpretentious, easygoing & sweet. 

Me & Brad... i think you know enough about us already!

Donna/my mom: A wonderful cook & interior decorator. I love this woman! She is kindhearted, goofy & loves her puppy dog, haha. Her country accent comes out often, which i love to tease her about (my parents are both from Grenada, Mississippi, though my dad doesn't ever talk too country (at least compared to mom!)). She loves me SO MUCH & i am thankful for all she does/has done for me!

Paul/my dad: He is SO smart, an engineer & also very athletic. He doesn't talk much, but when he does you will want to listen: it will either be very important or something so unexpected & funny that you will just crack up laughing. He loves studying the Bible & church history. Love my daddy!

Brad & I have one sister each. It is funny because Brad & I are very similar in personality, and so are Michelle & Jaimie. But Michelle & Brad are the first born & me & Jaimie are the babies!

Brad & his sister, Jaimie.

Jaimie is a outgoing, energetic, hard-working woman. If you are ever meeting her for the first time & worried about if it will be awkward, just put your worries aside. Girl has never met a stranger & you will feel at ease right away. I like that about my own sister too haha (they are so similar, though i'm not sure if they realize it!). Jaimie just started her Mary Kay business & i know she will be great at it! Also...did i mention her voice? She sings BEAUTIFULLY! She sang in my wedding & she sings every Sunday at her church. AMAZING. I love love love her voice.

Me & my sister, Michelle.

Michelle is also very energetic & outgoing. Seriously. She has never ever met a stranger. She is very kind & generous, but if you make her mad or hurt her little sister or one of her best friends, she will straighten you out without hesitation! She does not mind confronting someone, if need be. She has gorgeous blue eyes & is very athletic. We are total opposites in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY (except people say our facial expressions & how we talk is the same...we also both love to cook... i think that's all we have in common, haha), but we get along wonderfully! She works at a hospital as a patient navigator (someone who is there for cancer patients from the moment they are diagnosed) & i am so proud of her. What an awesome job!

So there you go...better late than never (it's now midnight & i'm going to be so mad at myself in the morning!).

I am so thankful for every person in my family, immediate & extended. And i love my new(ish) family.
The Mr & Mrs. :)

Brad & Melissa Venable, 11/14/2008

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