Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday! Yipee!

YAY! So glad it's Friday!! :) Okay, so...time for 5 Question Friday with Mama M! Join in!

1. Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school?
No. Because i don't have kids yet. :) Although in all my years of preschool teaching & nannying, i didn't either. I have thought i lost a child, however...scary feeling!!

Okay, since now i guess you're wondering... i once was at Target with the 3 kids i nannied...I was putting the younger two back in their car seats & the oldest (age 4, i believe) squatted down real low against the plastic thingies where you return you shopping carts. It was right next to our parking spot but i didn't see her because she was a tiny little thing who was very mischievous! ;) I started looking around seeing this HUGE target parking lot & thinking someone grabbed her. My heart dropped. I'm looking around that parking lot, eyes wide, heart pounding..."MADISON!!!!!" & then i guess she heard the fear in my voice. She jumped out of the hiding spot giggling! Little stinker. Well, it wasn't funny then...but it's funny now...especially since she turned out to be a beautiful sweet teenage girl with a heart of gold! (She turned 13 yesterday. Insane.)

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Not first date with your current significant other. FIRST date ever.)
I had 2 boyfriends before Brad...one in 7th grade & one in 10th. I don't know that i can really count them. We didn't drive & I don't really remember any dates with them! Haha. I consider my first "real" date the one i went on with Brad. Because it was the first time a boy called me & asked me out & i got dressed nice & he picked me up in his car. :) It was for a Christmas banquet with his work. 12.9.96. I was 18.

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water & heights.)
I'm always afraid i will fall...i'm not so sure that is silly, though... i've fallen plenty of times to warrant this fear! Ha! I'm also paranoid about spilling a drink at someone's house. Maybe not so much anymore...but i do remember for years gripping a cup so that i would make sure not to spill it! HA!

4. Confrontation: Do you cause it, deal with it as it comes, or run far away from it?!
I do not love confrontation. But if it has to be done, it has to be done. The only times i have ever confronted someone is when it simply HAS to happen...when it's the kind of relationship that is important...a roomie or good friend or family member. But not in a "confrontational spirit" if that makes sense. I try to talk to them respectfully & with grace.

I'm not going to confront someone over something silly...i can let a lot of things go. So i would say i take it as it comes... but it hasn't happened in a long time & i hope it doesn't have to! Although... sometimes as a house manager or stage manager you do have to confront an audience member or cast member who is being obnoxious. These are not fun, either...AT ALL. I HATE having to tell an audience member to put their cell phone up...or that there is no flash photography...but sometimes they give me no choice!

5. Wood floors or carpet?
Ohhhh, how i long for wood floors. It would look SO NICE in our house, instead of that ugly green carpet. But then i think about having to clean those floors...doesn't sound fun. I think it'd be worth it though!

Your turn! :)


  1. I am with you about the fear of falling! I am notorious for just falling randomly-one day at work, I just fell out of my seat-not quite sure what happned to cause it, but it was loud and I laughed for a good while on the floor...then one day I guess my ankle rolled and I just fell in the parking lot...on my face-it was pretty funny as well. You blog is super cute!

  2. Haha, girl I fall all the time! I love wood floors. We have all carpet in our house right now and some kind of vinyl in the kitchen. I would love to have wood floors someday! Or concrete floors. Sounds weird, but it looks cool!

  3. I used to fall ALL the time! I actually broke my foot falling off a curb in college. And that was the second time I'd fallen off that curb. How embarrassing!


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