Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Mardi Gras, y'all!

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. Which means....no work for me! Hooray!

 Bourbon Street, New Orleans

We don't really do anything for Mardi Gras. The craziness you hear about (boobs, drunks, insanity in general) is all true, though they do have plenty of family friendly parades. It's just that i am not at all a fan of parades. I don't know why. I just do not like them. Stand around & catch beads/plastic cups/toys/etc? That just doesn't sound fun to me. (I was in a Christmas Parade once...now THAT was fun. Apparently, i enjoy throwing, not catching. Much to everyone's dismay, i'm sure!)

 throw me somethin, mister!

Beads ready for throwing!!

So yeah...i'm just not a big parade person, no matter what the holiday is! I went to a handful of mardi gras parades when i was younger & i enjoyed them. But after awhile, i just had zero interest. 

What is crazy is that people went to parades on Saturday - when we had CRAZY thunderstorms! Tornado watches & warnings! Not just rain, but thunder & lightening. Now, that's hard core!

There IS one major wonderful thing about Mardi Gras season, though.

 oh, dear. sooo good.

Oh, wow. It is my favorite thing. Thankfully we only bought one this year. They are SO good. Kinda cinnamon roll like with cream cheese & fruit filling. Blueberry & cream cheese, Strawberry & cream cheese, praline & cream cheese, just cream cheese, no cream cheese.... however you like it. It also has icing & sprinkles on top. All the grocery stores & bakeries have them & they are AMAZING! The one we had this year was from Oak Point Fresh Market & it was very good!!

 one with strawberry & cream cheese filling

I hope to have a bite of king cake tomorrow, but not sure if that will happen!

The other thing i love about Mardi Gras is that we get it as a paid holiday! (Some people get Monday off too!)

Tomorrow mom & i are going shopping! I usually am NOT into shopping, but i'm kind of looking forward to it! How i ended up with SO MANY sweaters & only 2 or 3 short-sleeved shirts, in Louisiana, i will never know! But i have a little birthday money & i need some clothes! I am looking forward to it!

Oh, in case you are interested & haven't before... feel free to read about the history of mardi gras & the king cake!

 king cake cupcake! yummy!

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!
{Be Safe.}

*images from google & we heart it.

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  1. I LOOOOOVE king cake. Unfortunately most of the ones you can find up here taste like crap. You know what mardi gras means too? The start of CRAWFISH SEASON! MMMMM....


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