Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lauren's wedding shower!

One reason i love bootcamp? I have made some great friends! The main one being Lauren. My first day of bootcamp, i put down a mat for warm-ups & i was right next to her. She smiled at me & i introduced myself. I wasn't in her group, though (you're in groups of 3 at bootcamp) until the chic i normally was in a group with went on vacation (& didn't come back!). At that point, i joined Lauren & Hannah's group. They were so sweet & funny & welcoming & it was fun being in their group!

Bootcamp Buddies - Lauren & Hannah!

Hannah got married March 5th & a few weeks before that she started getting ready for her big day! So that was kind of the end of bootcamp for her! Haha. From then on, it was Lauren & me working our booties off together in bootcamp class! I have really enjoyed getting to know her. We just clicked & i love her a lot! I got an invite to her wedding shower & am thrilled to have met her just in time to celebrate with her! (Her wedding is going to be on May 28th.)

Her shower was yesterday & i volunteered myself to be the photographer! Even though i still don't know what i'm doing haha. A chance to play. :)

Here are a few pics from her shower yesterday! We had a great time & she got lots of great things!

 She loves pink! In case you couldn't tell! :) 

 Opening gifts! Mom on her left & sis on her right!


 This pic cracks me up! Lauren with her future MIL, her sis & her mom! She was reading out loud the marital advice given...haha!

 Beautiful soon-to-be bride!

 Hannah is excited about her cupcake! Haha!

 Ashley, the host & also a friend of mine! with the bride-to-be!

Lauren with her beautiful mom & sister!

We had a great time & i'm looking forward to the big day!


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