Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life at the CAAA - the big move

So for quite awhile now we have been waiting for word that we were moving at work. We just have no extra space. I was hired in July of 2008 & everything was fine then... but then they started a new program, hired more employees & it just got crazy in there. I'm talking obstacle course crazy. A maze. Every time my boss said, "oh, we have a new person starting on Monday. Isn't that great?!" I would say, "And where will they SIT?!" I can't tell you how many times we had this conversation. It just seemed like there was never enough room for one more person. And yet somehow it would work out. A miracle. We kept moving desks around, making it work. It was CRAZY! 

But it finally got to the point where we HAD to find new space. I work for a non-profit agency, so it was hard to do this. Nothing we could afford, plus we were still under contract in our current space as renters. But then one day the company across the hall from us moved out. And then the landlord began to talk to our director about us possibly moving across the hall. They repainted. They put in new carpet. We were told we'd be moving Monday, March 14th. But on Wednesday we were told to PACK UP because move day was Thursday & Friday of this week! Um, what?! Thankfully i had plenty of time since my new office still had someone in it. :) 

Thursday & Friday  = CRAZY! I was SO TIRED. Exhausted. My feet & legs were killing me. They hired movers for the furniture, but we still had to walk a lot, move boxes a lot, unpack boxes a lot, clean, organize, etc. It was fun. And not. Haha. It had its moments. But yay! I am so happy. Here are some pics from our big move!

Tommie, Alaina & Dee...ordering pizza for lunch!

Coworker-friends & now office-mates. :) Judy & Debbie.

Wendy, one of my top two coworkers. She is hilarious & always makes me smile. I think she is leaping for joy here. Or just being silly.

Susan, getting organized in her new office!

This is Linda in her new office. She is our executive director, my boss' boss. She is such a kind person & is always fair to everyone. I like her a lot.

This is our old conference room...a mess due to the move!

Our new conference room! Nice!

This is Dee. She is so pretty & a sweetheart. Love her!

This is my Office BFF, Tonya, & we will be sharing an office! I am thrilled. I know i had my own office before but it was more like a closet. Our new office has plenty of space for both of us. I am so thankful we get to share an office... Except that she will be leaving me in 2 weeks (or less!) to have a baby boy. She is nine months pregnant here & still working! Crazy! Isn't she cute?!

Okay & my favorite part... my old office...
See how small? No window, no vent (which means i was always really cold or really hot!) & no space! Not to mention all the outside noise. I was thankful for my own office, honestly, but i am really excited about my new one. 

And here it is!
Okay, so when you walk into our office & look to your right, this is what you see. My desk! (Excuse those wires, my computer wasn't all hooked up at this point!)

More of our office - shelves & a supply closet

The rest of our office...Tonya's desk & the copier. And my favorite...a HUGE window! YAY! 

It makes me kind of excited to go back to work on Monday... okay, maybe not. :) But it will definitely be wonderful! I am kinda sad Tonya will be leaving me in two weeks though (if she makes it that long!). We finally get our office & now she is leaving me! A temp will be in her place... i have already met the temp & she seems really nice. 

There are some things about our new offices that will take some getting used to. For one, though there is a printer/copy machine in our office, the main one - the one we use to fax & scan - is quite a walk away! We will have to come up with a way to make that easier... because seriously...

"Hi, Melissa, just calling to see if you got my fax." 
"Um...hold on while i run ACROSS THE BUILDING to the fax machine to check." 

HA! (And yes, i don't know why people still use fax machines. But it's just how it is. I have little by little been getting the agencies i have to communicate with to send me stuff via email. I am also going to get our IT guy to get the printer in our office to allow me to scan to my computer. It's just not set up to do it right now.)

Another weird thing is that the bathroom is also quite the walk away! And seriously... i have to pee all the time (it's kind of annoying). I got annoyed getting up to go to the bathroom before & then it was only about 10 steps away! Now it's down a long hallway & then down a short hallway & then down another long hallway! That will be interesting!

However...these inconveniences are nothing because there are so many positives about this move i can't even tell you. The trade-off is well worth it! Mainly - more space! Which means we do not look like a bunch of desks thrown together. It looks SO much better! 

Hopefully we'll be up & running on Monday! We did very little actual work on Thursday & ZERO on Friday. Internet & phones were turned off on Friday also because the phone company was there transferring it all over. i'm sure people were just REAL HAPPY trying to get in touch with us! HA!

So it's been a crazy week but it's pretty much done now! Still some stuff to clean & organize but overall, it's looking good! YAY!


  1. Very nice!!!

    I feel your pain about your old office..... my office is bigger than yours, but still on the small side (and no window). I sometimes go to the upstairs lobby to do work, just so I can see daylight.

    Think of it this way.... imagine with all the extra walking that you'll burn more calories throughout the day!! My printer died and the one in our hallway didn't play nicely with mine. So, I had to go downstairs to pick up my printing. I almost miss it because I was constantly running up and down the stairs, lol.

  2. I can imagine how it must feel having that beautiful window after being stuck in that little office before! I don't have a window in my office and if definitely affects motivation.

  3. Moving is crazy but the new office looks great! You have a lot of space now!

  4. Oooh fun! And that is definitely a huge difference in office space for you hahaha.

  5. Moving is finally here!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

  6. Your new office looks great! (And I'm actually able to comment on your blog today! Not sure why most days I can't comment. Weird.)

    Anyway, thank you for the glimpse into your work life. Looks like a fun group you work with.


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