Friday, March 4, 2011

My Birthday

On Wednesday I turned 33. THIRTY THREE. (woah.)
Most of the time when i say that, i get one of two reactions. It's always either: 

"You're THIRTY THREE?!?!?! OMG!! I thought you were like [25/24/26/28]!" 


"Thirty-three is NOT old." 

And i agree. I do not think 33 is old. I don't even think 63 is old! It's just that i personally cannot believe i am 33. I think i stopped aging or something. I feel like i'm in my mid-twenties. I do not at all feel like i'm over thirty. It doesn't sound OLD, but it sounds oldER...more of an actual REAL adult. I guess because i remember when my parents were thirty-something...and at the time, that did seem old! Ha....funny how your perspective changes!

Okay, so... I'm 33. Wow. Moving on....

I had an EXCELLENT AWESOME FABULOUS birthday this year! I always do, but this year i figured that it'd just be like any other week & i could do something to celebrate on the weekend. I love to do something on the actual day, but i had bootcamp right after work & knew i'd just want to relax once i got home.

But then on Monday i thought...you know? i think i'll just ask if i can have off on my birthday. So, i asked & got a "Sure! Oh, absolutely!" She made my day. I gave her a hug. I told Brad. And he said he could see if he would take off too! Seriously? BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

So we had a great day together. A mid-week date day! I woke at 7:30 on my own, no alarm, & hubby gave me a silly & sweet birthday card. We just lazed around for awhile, ate breakfast, played online, etc. And then we got dressed & ready. It was a beautiful day, as you can see! 78 degrees. Perfect.

I dropped Brad off at the bookstore & ran to get myself a pedicure. It had been TOO LONG.


Then i picked Brad up again & we went to Coyote Blues for lunch. Coyote Blues is a new mexican restaurant in BR that we've been meaning to try. We got there a little after 2 so there was hardly anybody there. We sat on the patio. The food was SOOO GOOD! I got fajitas & they were fantastic. Brad got shrimp tacos & fries. I thought it was funny they came with fries (or rice & beans). We both thought Coyote Blues was delicious!


After lunch, we headed to somewhere i've been meaning to go to for awhile now...

Varsity Sports! I seriously needed some new shoes for walking & for bootcamp & Brad was treating me to a shopping spree at the store of my choice. :) Varsity Sports has awesome customer service. They watch you walk & have you try on shoes that are best for your feet & the way you walk. Here are mine!

Love them!! :) I also got a free t-shirt. You get one every time you buy a pair of shoes!

After that i ran home, changed clothes & headed to bootcamp! I pouted. I whined. I cried. Bootcamp on my birthday?!!?

i know that's a very scary pouty face!! Ha! But you know... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. So i went to bootcamp. And i survived. :)

So i had a wonderful day. Came home from bootcamp, watched American Idol & ate the rest of my fajitas!

Tomorrow i am having a late birthday lunch with my parents, my in-laws & maybe my sister, if she can come in town! We're going to eat at Chimes & then will have cake & ice cream at my parent's house. Sweet!


  1. Your birthday sounds just perfect!!! So glad you felt celebrated. And I totally agree, 33 is not old. It's the perfect age for major life milestones to occur, just sayin'. :)

  2. You got Brooks! Great choice! I love mine. It sounds like you had an amazing day! Happy birthday kiddo, and I commend you for going to bootcamp on your b-day! Good work!

  3. hahha...I'm in the 'I thought you were about 26' camp!
    So glad you had a great birthday!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous birthday! I love me some Coyote Blues. And a free t-shirt...seriously what could be better?? Happy bday friend!


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