Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday on my Birthday!! $

Today is my birthday & I am having a fabulous day! Monday, on a whim, i decided to ask my boss if i could take a personal day on my birthday. She said yes, of course! That was good all by itself...i thought i'd get me a pedi & go home & relax all day. But then my hubby decided to take off too!! We slept in (7:30...not that late, but later than usual!) :) & have been just relaxing, enjoying the morning.

But i'm about to go get dressed, go get a pedi & then Brad will take me to lunch & then to Varsity Sports for some new shoes!! Yippee! Great birthday indeed! :)

{ONE} Do you wear holey jeans? If so, do you buy them that way? 
No... I just threw out my oldest & most favorite pair of jeans because they got a hole in the crotch!! Not comfortable!! Haha.

{TWO} Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep each night? 
Most nights, yes. But not every night. I try though! Sleep is important!

{THREE} What's your favorite way to eat an oreo?
I take a bite...and then another... :) I sometimes break it apart & lick the cream, too. Haha.

{FOUR} Do you wear shoes in your house?
We don't have a rule against it, but i'm most comfortable without them, so i usually take them off first thing.

{FIVE} Who would you call first if you won the lottery?
Hubby, parents, sister, in-laws...

{SIX} Have you ever been in a food fight?
Oh, yes. They happened all the time at Camp Singing Waters. :) I think i hid though! GROSS!

{SEVEN} Do you snore? 
Rarely. Only if i'm so sick i can't breathe!

{EIGHT} Do you know how fast you type?
I forgot the actual number, but really fast. People always comment on it. I would like to thank my mom, who used to yell at me when she heard me using my index finger to poke each key, "MELISSA! Put your fingers on the right keys!!!" She is why i type so fast. :)

{NINE} Can you do a handstand without using a wall?
Um, i don't think i can WITH a wall! In the pool? Does that count?! HA!

{TEN} How do you like your popcorn?
Not a huge fan, really... but if i have some, i like it buttery & salty.

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  1. camp singing waters?!?! OMG, I just had flash backs. I think we went there a few times with retreats with our church. seriously, how do we not know each other?!?!?

  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope you've had a fabulous day! I'm jealous of your pedi. :) Girl, I love me some Oreos...too bad I'm not letting myself have any!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    And my jeans always get holes in the crotch too..what is up with that?!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope your day was fabulous :)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope your day was great!


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