Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Work is crazy... & some wee bit.

Well, i haven't blogged in days it seems & i guess that's because i've been so crazy-busy at work! Seriously. Today i had a mini-meltdown early on. It was kind of bad because i thought i had put the woman i was talking to on hold, but i was wrong. So she heard my vent/frustration/freakout. THANKFULLY i didn't say anything ugly about her, haha! I just said something like, 'OMG!!! These people do NOT UNDERSTAND!!!" (this was not a client, but a business associate). ANYWAY...i didn't even know she'd heard my rant until i came back on the line & she apologized, letting me know she appreciates all i do. And i apologized, saying it was just so crazy because of our move & i was a bit overwhelmed. 

After my mini-meltdown, i asked the receptionist to hold my calls, something i rarely do (some people do it often!). I am known for taking EVERY call (my coworker thinks i'm crazy!), but i do it because i'd rather deal with it NOW than have to call them back later. But sometimes you get overwhelmed with work & the only way to stay sane is to prioritize it all & go through everything one step at a time. So i tackled 2 stacks of paperwork and 21 emails. It took all day but i accomplished a LOT. 

Tomorrow i will face the 57 voicemails!

ANYWAY. That is where i have been. Buried. BUT i love the new office set up & everything is good! Just have lots of catching up to do!

{ONE} Scruffy or Clean-Shaven?
Well, i don't like it TOO scruffy, but i am definitely a sucker for the Five O'Clock Shadow. :)

{TWO} What's your favorite sundae topping?
Hot fudge. Or caramel. Yum.

{THREE} Do you wear slippers? 
No. They have so many cute ones, but i have learned that i never wear them, so i shouldn't even buy them. I prefer to be barefoot or wear socks.

{FOUR} Did you ever have a treehouse?
No, i don't think so. But i climbed a lot of trees. Loved that!

{FIVE} How do you relieve stress?
cooking, reading, napping, taking a long hot bath...these are all stress relievers for me.

{SIX} What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?
Horton Hears a Who & If I Ran the Zoo. I read those a zillion times when i was a nanny & i had them memorized for awhile there (pretty sure they're gone, though!)

It's a very fine zoo 
said young [someone] mcgrue
and the fellow who owns it 
seems proud of it, too.

Something like that. :)

{SEVEN} Have you ever taken dance classes?
Oh, yes. I took ballet & tap from age 3 to 11. I added jazz at some point. Jazz & tap were my favorites. I got up on toe near the end, but we ended up quitting. I don't remember why...it didn't bother me then, but i wish i had stayed with it now!!

{EIGHT} Which do you use more? The thesaurus or the dictionary?
The dictionary. Sad, huh? Too many times i'm unsure of what a word means. So, i look it up like mama always told me to do! Haha!

{NINE} What's your favorite form of exercise?
I really enjoy strength training. I mean nothing crazy, but i like sit-ups, squats & i'm even getting better at push-ups! I like using arm weights & resistance bands too. I love swimming. I like walking (especially outside). I hate running, but think i will love it when i can do it without thinking i'm going to pass out. :)

{TEN} What's the longest you've ever waited in line?
Um, idk. I'm sure i've waited a couple of hours at an amusement park or something...it's been awhile!

Woohoo! Your turn. :)

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