Friday, April 15, 2011

daisies, books & cookware!

I am so thankful it's the weekend! 

This week has been CRAZY, BUSY & STRESSFUL, all in one. Monday & Tuesday were super stressful! Wednesday & Thursday were still very busy, but the stress went WAY down & i am very thankful! I stayed late at work Thursday & so my boss told me i could go in to work late the next day if i wanted, or leave early. I chose to go in late. I'm burning the candle at both ends here, and have had the hardest time waking up each morning! But this morning i got to sleep in. I set my alarm for 8:30, but woke up feeling rested at 7:45! Can't believe 45 extra minutes felt that good, but it did! :)

When i do theatre, i miss Brad terribly. Today we had a date after work & it was nice to spend some time together. We went to Zea's to use the gift card we got from Brad's sister for Christmas. Food was delicious! I ate pretty healthy, too. :) Oh. Did i mention it was POURING when we got there? We walked in drenched & cracking up!! 

After that we went to Merci Beaucoup, which was closed much to my dismay (but Brad's delight!). Then we went into Whole Foods. I wanted some fruit & Wal-Mart's always looks like crap. I ended up with just 4 gala apples & a bouquet of yellow daisies that i LOVE. :) The other fruit was too expensive! I mean...wow. I normally use the deli or salad bar when i go to Whole Foods, which isn't that bad (or that often), but this fruit was way overpriced for the most part. Farmer's Market, it is! 

But i love my daisies.

I love them. :) After that we went to Barnes & Noble...we actually hadn't been in quite awhile! I got Eat This, Not That - the supermarket version...it's really cool! You can see some of the pages on my other blog. It's jam-packed with nutritional information about the best & worst choices in the grocery store. I also got the sequel to The Thorn, which i read ages ago not realizing the sequel hadn't been released yet! FINALLY saw the 2nd one today...& i'm not sure i remember what happened in the first one! HAHA. I'm excited to read it, though! I really like Beverly Lewis.

What else happened this week? Well, THEATRE mainly. And a lot of work stuff. :) Ooooh, but i got my new stoneware in from CSN! See, i recently won a giveaway on Rebekah's Blog for CSN stores. It took me FOREVER to choose what to get (i mean, CSN has everything!), but i realized i really have been wanting & needing some nice casserole type dishes. The kind where if i were to bring dinner to a potluck or to a friend in need, it'd be in a prettier dish than my stained white ones! I ended up going with these dark blue Rachael Ray stoneware baking dishes that i LOVE. I have never used her kitchen stuff, but after getting this in the mail, i sure want to from now on! It's really great quality & just beautiful! Love the handles! 

I like them a lot & the reviews are outstanding. Thanks, CSN & Rebekah! :) 

Well, i'm happy it's the weekend! Tomorrow is bootcamp & then some errands. Then i am going to see my dear friend Charlynn star in Miss Witherspoon at BRLT (as Miss Witherspoon!). I am really looking forward to Sunday... my sister's BFF from England is in town WITH HER FAMILY! I have never met her children & her husband i met once a LONG time ago...years before they were married. Whenever Tiffanie comes to town, it's just her, but this time the whole family is coming!! I am thrilled to meet them all. We're having a BBQ at my parent's for them Sunday after church! Can't wait to meet her kiddos, Harrison & Gracie!

Happy Weekend!

P.S. Thank you all for understanding my absence during these crazy weeks!! I will be catching up on my blogs (reading & writing!) this weekend. {HUGS!}


  1. You've been busy girl! Doesn't it feel amazing to sleep in even for just a little bit? The daisies are gorgeous. I can't shop at Whole Foods because it is so pricey. I need to find a Farmers Market stat because I do love to buy produce from those! I LOVE the dishes you chose! I've really been wanting some in that style, but I did just buy some from Sur La Table on sale, so maybe I shouldn't right now. :)

  2. Oooh... those look like nice dishes! I just have a plain glass one... but it has a lid haha. So it works great when we have to travel with it.


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