Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting to know YOU Sunday!

Time for Getting to Know YOU with MannLand5. I missed 5QF & Fill in the Blank Friday this week, so I'm looking forward to this one even more so than usual. Sad, right? I know. But i love these things!


{one} Do you weigh yourself?
Well, I'm on a weight loss journey. I have quite a bit of weight to lose. And i need to see my progress. The scale isn't the BEST reflection of progress, though, i have found that out. Sometimes it can be quite mean. But i still need to know if there is a major difference on the scale! So yes...about once a week...sometimes more. 

{two} What's the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?
No, that's not a joke. The first time i tried it, i gagged. I tried it again about 7 years later because your taste buds change apparently & my friends were begging me & i gave in to peer pressure. (Now, that i think about it, the first time was peer pressure too!) GAG AGAIN! 

I do not like gagging. And i do not NEED sushi to be fulfilled in life! Thankyouverymuch! :)

{three} Snail Mail or Email?
BOTH! I LOVE snail mail & am pretty sure i send it more than the average person. I love to have a friend open their mailbox & find some pretty stationery mixed in with the boring mail! But i like email too. Aren't you glad you don't have to send a letter via someone on a horse just to invite them over for dinner?! Haha.

{four} Do you have any irrational fears? What are they?
If i'm visiting at your house & you give me something to drink, i will be gripping the glass tightly so as not to spill it. While you're talking to me, i will be thinking, "do not spill the drink. do not spill the drink." Also, while going upstairs with you or walking in a wooded area or something, i will not be listening to your conversation. I will be thinking, "don't fall...don't fall...almost there...you can do it...whew!"

So, yes... falling & spilling drinks. In public. Or at your house.

These aren't really all that irrational, though. I have fallen over my own feet before & I have spilled a drink or two at someone else's house in my lifetime. Probably when i was 12. But it stuck with me. 

(The spilling was when i was 12. The falling was in college at LSU. To the point of spraining my ankle. Slightly embarrassing!)

{five} Do you play an instrument?
No. My husband does, though. And he's amazing. I'll leave that to him. We do not need TWO musicians in this house. Ha! I sing, though. I love to sing.

{six} Would you rather be bitten by a snake or attacked by a bear?
Bitten by a snake, of course! I might survive it. Of course, i could also survive a bear attack, but i might not be recognizable anymore! (YIKES!)

{seven} Do you ever go braless in public?
No. NEVER. Never, never, never.

{eight} Today i am thankful...
for coffee, a sweet goofy hardworking hubby, that Fievel is going to be sweet & calm today (so far!) instead of what my husband calls "black hole" (as in, little black hole of need), & that i am feeling HEALTHY & STRONG today!

Your turn! & Happy Sunday!! 


  1. I love sushi, so I'm not sure that we could ever get along. Just kidding of course!

    And I get the fear of spilling drinks. Especially if it's in a martini glass. I cannot hold those steady especially while walking and I ALWAYS spill over the side.

    But I especially wanted to say hi, since I went to LSU and I'm in Baton Rouge too!

  2. I picked sushi for my nasty food, too! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  3. I hate sushi as well. And I also fall. I fell off a curb in college and broke my foot. LOL. Apparently I haven't outgrown it either because just this past Friday I fell on my face outside while carrying bags inside from Target. Literally ON MY FACE. I'm a walking disaster, I tell you!

  4. I haven't really tried true sushi intentionally. I love a good California Roll though. Once I ordered room service and they brought me some raw fish thing instead of what I wanted it wasn't that bad but I could see gagging at standard sushi.

  5. I've never had sushi because I think it all sounds gross. Haha, I fall all the time. It happens so much. I fell in school quite a bit!

  6. I hate sushi as well...not that I have ever tried it...but I already know I would hate it! LOL at the braless question...what kind of question is that anyway?!?


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