Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a bullet point kind of day

I am absolutely exhausted. I actually am having trouble keeping my eyes open right now. Why not go to bed? Well, it's only 6:58 pm. And i haven't been home hardly at all this week. I am trying to catch up on blogs!

Work is CRAZY. Insane. Challenging. STRESSFUL! infuriating. Busy. frustrating. exciting. funny. ridiculous. Interesting. Annoying. Exasperating.

Just to clarify... I do not hate my job. REALLY.

I'm stage managing a show called It Runs in the Family. It is HILARIOUS. Even though i'm so tired, i love being a part of it. And laughing all through rehearsal doesn't hurt. PURE COMEDY.

I heard about the possible government shut-down on the radio today & my thoughts immediately went to my sweet blog friends who are also military wives. And my cousin Amber who is a military wife. I know this affects others as well. I am so sorry this is happening. I am thankful that GOD is the one who is in control & who is taking care of your families. I am praying for you.

Bootcamp's spring session started on Monday. OHMYGOSH. Killer. KILLER! But i feel amazing & i lost a pound this week! FINALLY!!!

I also joined Weight Watchers last Friday. I never thought i would, but i did & i'm glad! It is what was missing because i have been eating healthy & exercising for months now & nothing. Weight Watchers did the trick. So far anyway! THANK YOU LORD! :)

Pia is not the worst singer on Idol. I wanted her to win. Her or Casey. I didn't even get to watch this week, but hopefully i will get to catch some of the performances on youtube. I was shocked to hear she went home! But you know what? She still has a fantastic future ahead of her. No doubt in my mind! Girl is just fantastic. Who is my favorite now? I really like them all. I guess my favorites now are Casey, Lauren, Haley & Jacob. In that order. My least favorite is Paul. The others are somewhere in between Jacob & Paul.

{EDIT TO ADD...I just watched Idol from this week. I was hoping that i would see that Pia's performance was her weakest & the other Idol's were at their best, but that was not the case. I think she was & is absolutely PERFECT. I do not think she should have gone home yet. I also didn't hate Paul as much as usual & i liked James more than usual. After watching, this is my rank of idols...best to worst... Pia, Casey, Lauren, James, Jacob, Haley, Paul, Scotty & Stefano.}

I am reading Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst & it is fantastic! I also recently finished Magdalene, a novel by Angela Hunt. GET IT. It's AMAZING! I LOVED IT!

Tomorrow I'm meeting my sister for lunch! Yay. I haven't seen her in forever it seems like! :)

Hmmm....what else? Oh, yeah. I'm tired. Did i mention that? I'm ready for bed.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Did you join WW online or meetings? I've seen a couple bloggers who are on it and it's working quite well for them. I joined a free site called SparkPeople. I love it and it tracks calories you eat, I just have to use more effort to track EVERYTHING I eat and I'll lose weight like I did at first. Congrats on losing a pound! I am trying so hard to get back on track and lose weight before trying to start a family.

    I totally feel you on the exhaustion. I blogged about mine 2 days ago. :) Hope you are able to rest some this weekend!

  2. Thank you for your prayers sweet friend! Haha, so last night, Dylan and I fell asleep at 6pm, woke up at 9pm and then went back to bed at 10:30. Crazy yes? We were SO tired. Just one of those weeks I guess!


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