Saturday, April 9, 2011

shopping day with the sis!

It's the weekend, y'all! YAYYYY. 

Actually, it's almost over. SAD!
Today's been an absolutely GREAT day. I woke up in a silly happy mood. Snuggled with my man. Got dressed & went to bootcamp. I was actually running a bit late, so i decided to go to the 9 o'clock class instead of the 8. This gave me some extra time to chill & not just run out the door first thing!
Bootcamp is AMAZING. Seriously amazing. You can read about it on my other blog. But if you're in Baton Rouge (or Central or Denham) & want to get in shape...TAKE THIS CLASS. You will be so glad you did. I actually cannot wait till Monday's class! :) 

Anyway. After class, i stopped at Walmart. I found a good-looking recipe on the Weight Watcher's site that involves chicken & brown rice & a crockpot, three of my favorite things!  So i stopped to pick a few things up. $70 later &, wow. Seriously...i didn't buy one thing we didn't need. And it was just a small shopping trip! Ack! 

I also went through the side door to avoid the adorable boys having a bake sale. Is that so terrible? Seriously, i usually just walk on past, but i have a feeling i knew some of those kids & how could i say no to their sweet faces?! A BAKE SALE? No, thank you!

 Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge. {google images}

Got home & jumped in & out of the shower & quickly got dressed. Met my sister at La Carreta on Bluebonnet. YUM. I haven't been there in awhile. It's delish! After that we went to Perkins Rowe & visited Franchesca's, Anthropologie, Z Gallerie, Frock Candy, & Urban Outfitters. Michelle tried on some dresses in Franchesca's & Frock Candy...SO CUTE! The #1 reason i want to lose weight, besides my health haha. :) I LOVE dresses, but really cannot wear them at this point! She got some really cute things.

 cute bowls from anthropologie

I wanted to look in Anthropologie because i've heard so much about it but had never been... i didn't even know we had one till last time i was in Perkins Rowe & saw it! But it was closed then. Anyway, i LOVED their stuff, but holy crap! Out of my price range. Actually, i have an obsession with bowls & mugs & they have the CUTEST ONES i have EVER seen! If ever i have a kitchen with more cabinet space, i will just buy cute bowls all the time. HA! And i'm not saying i'll never shop there because of the expense...they have beautiful things. Maybe one day. Love their quilts! Z Gallerie is also out of my price range...they had a decorative pillow i would love for our bed, but $50. WOW! I mean, if money just didn't run out, it'd be one thing, but $50 is a tank of gas!

ANYWAY. I did buy some $12 sunglasses from Franchesca's - they were SO CUTE. But, i may be taking them back. Michelle said i could pull them off, but i am not so sure anymore. I should post a pic to get your thoughts. They are kind of big. And when i smile, my cheeks push them up so they don't fit right. BLAH! It's so sunny, i sometimes cannot see to drive! HAHA! NEED SUNGLASSES!

I went home after that & it is SO HOT, y'all. UGH! It's now SUMMER. It feels like it anyway. My jeans were sticking to me & i had the lovely underarm sweat! My neck was sweaty too, gross! Please, let us have some SPRING?!?!

Anyway, it was a good day. I got home & was exhausted. I took a nap & so did Brad. We slept for 2 hours! Woke up at 7!

Tomorrow is church. We have been slackers for the past 2 weeks & haven't gone. Actually, I have been a slacker. Brad has been hardcore working in his studio, because he has a project going on & it's due April 30th. Weekends are really his only time to get it done. And he is so much more productive if he's starting first thing in the morning. I don't know if he will be going to church tomorrow for the same reason. But i need to go! I miss it!!!

Well, this was just a bunch of rambling, wasn't it?! One day i'll have something more exciting to say! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. :)

P.S. Sorry for the lack of my own pictures. I'm sad. I miss my camera. I will get it back out very soon!


  1. That's a great weekend! I LOVE Anthro, and I've only bought a few things from there. My sister buys her kitchen bowls from there! I wish I had an Anthro budget sometimes. It would be so much fun!

  2. I love Perkins Rowe! Although I'm pretty sure the only store there I've bought anything at it Barnes & Nobles. But I love the restaurants there, and I heard there is (or will be) a new frozen yogurt place there I want to try!


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