Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stan the Man

Hopefully i won't get in trouble for this... I did run it by my husband who said i could totally post it. Heehee!

My father-in-law came over last Saturday to help repair the roof. Brad had discovered a leak in our bedroom closet & it needed to be fixed asap! Mr. Stan headed over to help us out. I am so glad he is my father-in-law. He is a prayer warrior, so kind & also? Hilarious. He's always making me laugh. Last year, Big Red (my blazer, if you didn't know!) broke down several times & he always came to the rescue! Gotta love a father-in-law like this one!

I peeked outside at one point Saturday to see their progress & had to snap this photo. I just thought he was too cute in his camo overalls & backwards cap! By the expression on his face, i'm not sure if he was thrilled that i was taking this pic. Oops! :)

This is Brad... probably wondering what i'm doing sticking my camera out the door! HA!

And then inside...isn't it funny seeing a big macho man with my cute little Emma cup?! Ha!
Too cute! & aw, look at Fievel. He sure loves his Grandpa!

We love you, Uncle  Mr. Stan!

(Do you know that as kids, we were so close to the Venables, that we called them Uncle Stan & Aunt Cheryl? When we got together as a couple years later, i tried to stop doing that... after all, it does sound strange to hear me call my in-laws Aunt & Uncle!! HAHAHA! Don't want anyone thinking we're into marrying our cousins or something! LOL. Sometimes i accidentally say it anyway, though! It's habit!)

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