Monday, May 23, 2011

Erin's Shower

On Saturday, Brad & I headed to HeartsEase Family Life Church (where we used to attend) for a friend's co-ed wedding shower. If this sounds like de ja vu, it's because her sister got married last year & we went to her shower at the church also. (Megan got married July 10th last year & Erin is getting married July 16th this year.) We had a really great time getting to hang out with old friends again! :)

Let me tell you, I just LOVE the people of HeartsEase. They are so genuine, kind & unpretentious & i love that. They are real. Of course we have our reasons for making our church home somewhere else, but everytime we go back, there is NEVER a feeling of ... i don't know. But you know what i mean, right? It's like, so many churches see it as a bad thing that you found somewhere else to go. Or like they don't believe it's a God-thing. Even if they pretend to be happy for you, they kind of have an edge to their attitude & it makes you unsure. Well, i don't know if i'm making any sense, but just know that we don't even get the SLIGHTEST feeling like this there. It's all "HOW ARE YOU! WE MISS YOU!" but there's no awkwardness or "so, where have YOU been?!" Haha. I love them.

Anyway, Erin is the worship leader there & she is AWESOME (at leading worship. AMAZING voice. She actually sang "at last" by Etta James at our wedding). She found the man for her & what a great guy he is! I'd never met him until the shower, but when they told us the story of how they met & how he proposed, i just loved him. She got a good one! :)

Some pics from the shower...

Um, yeah. DELICIOUS.

Mollie. Isn't she a cutie? Pastor P & Kelly's girl. She was trying to win a game, thus the clothespins...

This is Megan, Erin's sister who got married last July. Gorgeous, i know.

My friend Sarah who i used to sing on the praise team with. Love love love her!

Pastor Philip & Kelly.

Sarah, Lizzie & Josh (Erin's brother). Josh has lost over 100 pounds. It's just crazy to look at him now. Awesome. Anyway... i miss this group!!

The sweet & happy couple - Erin & Jonathan

Me & Erin. LOVE her!!! 

And i just realized that the pics I had someone take of me & brad didn't upload for some reason. Not cool... I'll have to check that out!!

We had a great time & I can't wait until her wedding July 16th!


  1. those strawberries look TO.DIE.FOR. Yummm.

    Miss you in the blogging world! :)

  2. What kind of dip is that?! My mouth is watering over here! lol Very pretty pictures. Love that last picture, you're beautiful Melissa!

  3. What you are explaining about leaving a church and people make you feel weird is a result of what I like to call the "church complex". People tend to believe that they are the THE. BEST. church and no other one could be as good. So when you leave and say you found a church that is a better fit for you they just simply can't believe it and now you no longer go to THE. BEST. church so yeah... church complex.


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