Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of my favorite moms out there!! I have SO many friends who became first- time moms this year.... Happy Mother's Day to all of you, too! I hope you are enjoying motherhood to the fullest!
So many of my mom-friends inspire me...You are all just awesome with your kids. I notice it in the way you talk to them & the way you talk about them. The way you take care of them & are always looking out for whatever is best for them. I love that. Sometimes you're exhausted & sometimes you're frustrated, but you would never trade it for anything. I love watching you with your kids. And I hope your family gave you a wonderful mother's day!

Most of all, i want to say.Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom & my sweet mom-in-law. I've told them in person today already & they don't read my blogs much... but i just want YOU all to know how thankful i am for the moms God has given me! My mom & I had a rocky relationship for a few years, but the older i get the closer we are. She is so much fun to be around & she has always supported me 100%. My mother-in-law & I share a lot of interests... she is so kind & thoughtful& always makes me laugh. I love having these two women in my life!

Today, I woke up & made Broccoli & Cheese Mini Egg Omelets. These were DELICIOUS & SO easy to make! I'm so excited about them, I think i will make them all the time now! We brought them along with some english muffins to my mom-in-law's house this morning & had breakfast over there. We had a great time visiting with them. 

We got home at 11 & I had to leave for the theatre at 12:15. Side note: I had an almost meltdown at the theatre...the sound board completely went out & was fixed JUST in time for us to open the house! Ahhhh! (Much longer scarier story than that, but the asst tech director, Emily, came to my rescue & we opened the house only 2 minutes late. More importantly, everything was fixed...otherwise i would have had no sound cues!) The show went very well...yay!
After the show, I ran to pick up dinner & went to my parent's house to have Mother's Day with my mama! Brad met me there (with Fievel in tow). We ordered takeout from Capital City Grill & it was delicious! The visit was short & sweet, but I'm glad i got to see mom on Mother's Day!

I love my mama & my mom-in-law. They're both beautiful people, inside & out, and so much fun to be around! I hope they both had a wonderful day.

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