Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love 3-day weekends.

I am really loving my blog's new look. I know there's no fancy header or super cute fonts, but I like it anyway. I may add those things or maybe not. What do you think? I like the colors! I think it says "SUMMERTIME". But maybe not. Maybe that's just me. :)

I'm so excited for a 3-day weekend! Ahhhhh.

Yesterday, I was kinda missing those in-laws. I just love them! We went over there for some coffee & a little visit. We had a great time. They crack me up!

Today I got up & headed to bootcamp. Last one of May. The new session starts June 6th, if anyone wants to join! I get $10 off for every referral...hint hint!
Now I'm just hanging out until time to leave for my friend Lauren's wedding! I am so excited. I met her in January at bootcamp & she quickly became my buddy there. We do a lot of things where you have to have a partner & she is always mine. Or shall i say "was" - she can't come back until August. (Sad-face.) But anyway, i'm super excited about her wedding - I've already seen a sneak peek of her bridals & wow! GORGEOUS bride! :)

Lauren (the bride to be) with her mom & sister. :)

Speaking of weddings, last night was the wedding of Lee & Paula!! I am so sad I wasn't able to make it. :( But I am very happy for the two of them! They're so happy & in love! I heard their wedding was beautiful. Here she is in that gorgeous dress! Love it!

This was taken by my good friend Kyle LeMaire. I love his photos. He has a new website which is pretty fantastic. :)

Tomorrow is CHURCH. I have missed a lot lately & we are definitely going to get ourselves there in the morning! I miss it! Sunday afternoon I will be attending a "Homegoing Celebration" of my very best friend Sarah's stepdad, Mr. Richard. He has been in her life for the last 17 years or so & she loves him like he's her own father. He was always very kind to me & he loved studying the word of God. Please pray for Sarah & her mom if you get a chance! He's been sick for awhile, and we know that he is now in heaven rejoicing with the Lord!

After that, I have to head to the theatre to house manage a rental..it's actually a performance by the Cangelosi Dance Project. She was my jazz teacher when i was little & she later choreographed Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at BRLT. i love working her shows at the theatre because she has some AMAZING dancers that i love to watch. :)

And then MONDAY...ahhhh. A day off. Mostly we will just hang out. I may even - gasp! - get some cleaning done! I can't wait to go to Ashley Furniture & spend the Groupon my MIL got me...worth $100! I think we are also having Brad's parents over for dinner & a movie. The King's Speech came in on Netflix & I can't wait to watch it!

Right now... it's quiet. Ahhhh. I'm on the couch & Brad's in his favorite chair. Fievel is laying on the floor by the couch. It feels perfect in here & all you can hear is the dishwasher. Love days like this.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Love the new background, Mel! That's the one thing I don't like about Wordpress. I can't really customize my blog. Oh well. I love looking at everyone else's. :-)

  2. I'll eventually make your header bigger at least if you want. If not then I won't. :)

  3. beautiful picture and I too love to have three day weekends this year though I have saturday and sunday and must work on monday as we are planning a big bbq for the residents


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