Friday, May 27, 2011

I suck. I know.

My blog has gotten really really boring. 


I'm not sure what happened. I was sailing along just fine, with the occasional (ok, more than occasional) meme... you know, those questionaire thingies. I think those are fine & i'll continue to do them because they provide a little fun in an otherwise not-so-fun workday. :) Since that's usually when i do them. But where are my "real" posts? The ones where I talk about what God is teaching me? They ones where i tell funny stories of what's been happening? The ones where i VENT? The ones where i gush about how much I love my husband & make all of you clasp your hands together & say "AW!" or roll your eyes at me & click out of my blog. ASAP. 

Yeah. BORING BORING BLOG. I think i could win the award for "Most Boring Blog of 2011".

I'm going to try to work on that, okay? I mean, I LOVE to write. I used to want to be an author. And people used to tell me i SHOULD be an author! You would never know that now, huh?

I still post pics of weekend happenings & all that stuff, but i need something more. I've been sitting here all night in a blogging mood but have only been reading other ones instead. I have nothing to say. Nothing new, anyway. Part of this is because all i've done since late March is eat/sleep/breathe theatre. Now that that's over, I need to start writing again. I don't want to win the "Boring Blog of the Year" award. Ya know?

Another part of it is that other than my weightloss struggle (which i vent about over there), life is pretty good. I'm not saying that in an I've-got-it-all-together kind of way. AT ALL. It's just that, well... I'm kind of at a good place in my life right now. Those single years (which were fun for awhile & then got downright depressing) are over & i am truly loving day to day life with Brad. We have our struggles, but they're mainly to do with paychecks & finances & broken washing machines & air conditioners. We don't have kids yet, so I have no cute stories to tell or parenting issues to discuss. Mostly we're just working, coming home, relaxing, and going back to work.

A-HA! There it is: Boring life = Boring blog.

Life is far from boring, actually. But I do need to challenge myself & share it all here. And I'm going to do that. But not tonight. Tonight I'm just going to share the latest with you. Bullet-style.

{we heart it} 

-I still love married life. LOVE. It has still not become what people said it would become. Thank the LORD. I know we'll have our ups & downs, but so far? I LOVE IT.

-I'm still eating right & exercising my booty off. A new discovery...not sure if i've shared this here yet...doc is pretty sure i am Insulin Resistant. Going to the Metabolic Clinic next week. This will really help me out, because as most of you know, I have worked my tail off since January with NO results. NONE. (It sucks.)

-My work has gotten a lot LESS stressful - WHEW! I still have rough days, but for awhile there it was daily... glad that's not so bad. OOOOHH! & my Office BFF that went on maternity leave? She returns on Tuesday. HOORAY!!!!!

-Theatre is DONE. I'm glad. But I can't wait to go see my friend Marion take on Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray & my very good friend Danielle as Penny!! (Perfect Casting. My friend Rachel & I called it before auditions & I crossed my fingers that they would both be auditioning.)

-My theatre friends Lee & Paula get married tomorrow! I don't think I can make the wedding. I am sad about this. Also, my bootcamp buddy Lauren gets married on Saturday! 

-I haven't been to church in.... a long time. Again. I don't know why i struggle with this. PLEASE understand that my relationship with God is just fine, thankyouverymuch. I love Him & talk to him all day long. But i guess we ("we" being me & brad...not me & God) just don't feel like we fit in ANYWHERE... (partly our fault, since we don't actually go to anything besides Sunday mornings). Anyway... I may do an entire post on this soon. (This is what i get for being all holier-than-thou years ago & just NOT GETTING those people who were not in church Sun morning, Sun night, Wed night & Friday night.)

-Girls Night Out scheduled for June 5th. Yeah, we're all so ridiculously busy that we have to schedule it that much in advance. On the agenda is dinner & the movie "something borrowed". I cannot wait, as i am currently obsessed with Emily Giffin. I hope it's still playing by then.

-(I think i mentioned some of this already...which means i'm an even worse blogger than i thought.) My MIL recently gave me a GROUPON for $100 at Ashley Furniture. I'm going Monday. It expires on Tuesday. WHEW! No idea what I will get. My mother (who was an interior designer in a past life) is going to be out of town, so hubby will be joining me instead... he's not so much the interior decorator. But he'll be good company.

-I cannot wait to go back to The Londoner. Their food was so delish. Ohmygoodness.

Well, that's all I've got. Un-boring posts coming your way soon.

(But first some of those meme things. Probably. I mean, tomorrow's Friday after all.)

**apparently after writing this post, i realized i was bored with the entire blog in general & decided - at 1 am, mind you - to do a blog makeover. Then i almost had a heart attack when i realized just how late it was... OH CRAP. Going to bed now. So excuse the not matchy fonts & all. I'll get to it.**


  1. Does this mean that you are going to want me to make a new header again?


    Church is gooooood. You should gooooooo!

  2. Your blog isn't boring! I read all of them! :) Married life does become what people call boring. But I love "boring" then. There are times when things are busy and hectic but I like the calm "boring." I like to sit on the couch and watch our favorite shows and just enjoy life. To me boring is good. :) But then again, I've always been a homebody. We do go out to dinner and such for Friday night dates though! lol

  3. You most certainly are not going to get the Most Boring Blog Of The Year Award! Ha! I like reading your memes, even if I don't always comment.
    I hope you find a church soon! My hubby and I struggled with findig a church for a while, but we finally found one we like - but it's a big church, which we're not used to. It takes longer to feel like you "fit in" in a big church, I think.

    -Callie (Blogger isn't letting me sign in to comment right now.)

  4. You are not boring! I have moments where I just have no idea what to blog. It happens. :) That's awesome about that Groupon! Make sure you show us what you get! Finding a church is hard because we only go on Sundays. The churches are a half hour away from us and they do small groups in people's homes during the week. We just can't make it to those small groups to get involved, but right now, Sunday mornings only work well for us. Maybe I'll want something more later on so we can get more involved, but I'm happy to just be in a church that I love!


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