Saturday, May 7, 2011

It Runs in the Family!

WHEW! I MADE IT! As some of you know, I've been stage managing a show at our community theatre. It's been a blast & is definitely one of the easiest shows I've SM'd... great cast to work with, very little crew needed, only 4 sound cues & 13 light cues...less than in any other show I've worked. Now, if i could just give the actors time to get off stage before i hit the house lights. AHEM!

ANYWAY... this past week was a marathon with tech/dress rehearsals, preview night, pay-what-you-can night & opening night! Whew! All of the shows went very well. The audience is laughing so loud & so hard that it is difficult for them to catch all of the funny lines! I love watching their reactions & knowing what's coming next!

On Thursday night, several of my coworkers came & my hubby & his mom. They all absolutely loved the show. I'm so glad they came. My coworkers talked about the show ALL DAY at work on Friday. They stopped by my office to tell me how much they enjoyed it & to talk about it. I even overheard them talking about it in other offices! This went on all day long. I am SO glad they came & enjoyed it! 

Last night was opening night which is always exciting. I have a show tonight, but today is free! Whew! I am catching up on all the housework that has been neglected lately. Clothes washing, blog reading, picture uploading, etc etc. :) 

Here are some pics from preview & opening nights!

 Brigette (Nurse Tate) & Glenn (Dr. Bonney)

 Albert, who plays Dr. Mortimore (we aged him a bit...see him in a pic below for how he really looks!) Haha!

 Ben (Dr. Connelly) & his wife, Mary (my Asst Stage Mgr)

Susan came to see preview night & brought Kelly some gorgeous flowers! me with Susan & Kelly (who is fantastic as Matron).

 Gorgeous roses from Albert on Opening Night! Made my night!

 Talia & Evan came to see the show!

 Zac (Leslie), Brigette (Nurse Tate) & Tiera (Sister)

 More cast...Joe (Sir Drake) & Albert (Dr. Mortimore)

 The set!

 Jack & Talia...i love this pic of them.

 Me with Phil, who plays the Sergeant. One of my dearest theatre friends. 

 Me & two of the most precious ladies I know...the Sylvester Sisters. Beautiful, inside & out!

 HAHA...Phil (Sergeant), Glenn (Dr. Bonney) & Zac (Leslie)

 Talia & Ebony - this pic just cracks me up! HAHA! 

 Another friend I am losing to NYC!! Talia is headed up there this summer! I hope you all get to hear her sing one day....

This is Keith (head honcho at BRLT) & Kelly (who plays Matron & who we all just ADORE!)

Well, that's enough pics for now, right? Haha. I'm absolutely loving this show & am thankful the madness part of it is over. :) I hope you come see it if you're in Baton Rouge... it is pee-on-yourself-I'm-laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying Funny!


  1. I'm so so glad it went well! It sounds hilarious!

  2. Aww, I love theater! Such content exhaustion.

  3. Well done! So glad it went well. I love the picture of Talia and Ebony, made me smile!


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