Monday, May 30, 2011

Lauren & Connor's Wedding

Saturday night was Lauren's wedding! Lauren is my friend from bootcamp. We met in January at our very first bootcamp class. She was sitting on her mat & i walked in & put mine next to her. We introduced ourselves, and the rest is history! Haha. Seriously, we just seemed to hit it off right away. I know that i liked her immediately and was super excited when she invited me to her wedding. 

Lauren is just gorgeous - & just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is a Christian & she & Connor grew up together in their church youth group. I have never met Connor, but heard so many good things about him at the wedding! :) I am so happy for Lauren...it seems like it's one of those marriages that God set up. :)

We really enjoyed ourselves... the wedding was at Maranatha Fellowship in Baton Rouge (where she goes to church) & the reception was at Forest Grove Plantation in Denham Springs. It was a beautiful wedding. Everything was pink - her favorite color. :) Enjoy the pics!

 So cute! :)

 Beautiful Bridesmaids

 Her ringbearer was SO cute!

Connor repeated his vows & then when he was finished, the pastor started again for Lauren to repeat them. But Connor started repeating them AGAIN! Hahaha. She's like,"It's my turn!" It was hilarious. And cute. We had a similar thing happen at our wedding when Brad cut off the pastor to say "I do!" And now it's one of my favorite wedding day memories!

 So happy!

 the cake!

 Me & my hot date. ;)

 Ran into Amanda, who will be a bride herself on June 25th! My sis-in-law is one of her bridesmaids.

 First dance. So sweet.

 I like sideways pics. Haha. Thought you might like to see more of her gorgeous dress!


 Kristy is a theatre friend of mine - & it seems I run into her everywhere EXCEPT the theatre! Haha! I wish I had my camera with me at the other places LOL. It's crazy! Turns out, Connor works for Kristy's husband. Crazy. (Side Note: She is fabulously talented & just got cast as Miss Hannigan in Annie! Ha! Can't wait to see that! :)

 Snuck this pic of her dress. :)

 Me & Lauren! Yay!

 Isn't she gorgeous?!

 Lauren & her adorable ringbearer.

 Lauren & her photographer, Megan. Megan is also a bootcamp buddy & she is HILARIOUS. She is always cracking me up during class! (P.S. Look at the ringbearer's face! This is right after Lauren asked him to take a pic with her. I think he was excited.) :)

So we had a great time & I am so looking forward to hanging out with Lauren when she gets back from her honeymoon!! 


  1. such a gorgeous bride, many blessing to them.

  2. Such a beautiful wedding! I love all of your pictures. :) Lauren is gorgeous!

  3. She is so beautiful! What a gorgeous bride! Great pictures, Melissa! Hope you and your hubby had a nice date and got to sneak a dance in. :)

  4. How beautiful!!!! Can I have another wedding?!?!?! Was that a shirt or dress you were wearing? Whatever it was, I love the top and color! You looked really great!!!!!!!!


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