Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was just a quiet day with the hubby. :) We slept in, I got some cleaning done, and we went to Ashley Furniture to pick out something. Brad's mom had given me a $100 "bargain bee" coupon. It's the same kind of thing as Groupon. Woohoo! Originally, my mom was going to come with me, but she went out of town this weekend & my groupon expires tomorrow! So i got Brad to come instead. He didn't really want to. At all. I told him we'd go in separate cars & he could leave if it took longer than 30 minutes haha. There is an Ashley Furniture about 2 minutes away, thankfully, or I probably would have been on my own! Anyway, he agreed to go & it only took about 20 minutes. I *told* him I wouldn't take too long! Haha. There are some women who take FOREVER in stores... I am not one of them! :)

I ended up getting a set of bookshelves that are REALLY nice. I went in hoping to find 1 or 2 nice end tables. But I didn't love any of the ones that i saw (except ones that were too expensive, in my opinion). I had $100 off but honestly couldn't afford to spend much more than that. I came upon some nice bookshelves & decided to get those. We can always use bookshelves! We had them ordered & they will be in June 18th. Would have been a week earlier, but we'll be in Florida. I'm so excited! Here is a pic of them that I found online... they're really well-made. I like them a lot!

Aren't they gorgeous? You'll see when i take a pic of them here at home. The pic doesn't do justice. I also want to go back. Haha. We could use a new armoire, table & chairs & couches. I always say I want new couches next. But other new things will wait until we get a house (one of these days). Actually, couches can wait too. But they will probably be the next thing I get... we'll see. :)

For dinner, i cooked up some potatoes that Brad's mom gave to me straight from somebody's garden. YUM! I steamed broccoli & sauteed some shrimp. SUCH a delicious dinner!! :) We watched The King's Speech, which i absolutely LOVED. What an inspirational movie. You should netflix it! :)

 And if you have already seen it in theatres, you still should netflix it (or whatever) because the DVD extras are a MUST watch. Very interesting. For example - they knew nothing about Lionel Logue, the therapist (played by Geoffrey Rush, one of my favorite actors). They said most of his part was just made up by the screenwriter. But 9 weeks before the shoot, they found his grandson, living in England & guess what he had? Lionel Logue's diary, which included conversations he had with the king! A few of the lines in the movie are from the diary. Very very cool. There is an interview with the grandson in the extras, among other interesting things. I really enjoyed the movie.

So time for bed... NOT going to stay up too late & be late to work tomorrow... that was last week. This week is a new week! Haha. So happy it's only a 4 day work week. Ooh & my office bff who has been on maternity leave for forEVER is coming back! YES!! :) 

{Happy Memorial Day}
So thankful for those who fought for our freedom, including my dad (Vietnam), & my late "Papajoe", "Papaw" & "Uncle Booky" (WWII).


  1. We have those exact same shelves, with a matching tv stand and I LOVE THEM! They are so modern yet homey :D I hope you just love them oce you get them set up and in place!

  2. Sounds like a real nice day.

    Nice shelves! I wouldn't know what to do with them hahaha. Not that I would have a place to put them anyways. :)

  3. Very cute shelves!

  4. I love bookshelves! So nice! I really want to see The King's Speech! Adding it to our queue now!

  5. I loved The King's Speech too! I'm so glad it won best picture and definitely think it was well deserved


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